Get to Pro: 4 Key ServiceNow ITSM Pro Features

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ITSM ticket volumes have grown an estimated 35 percent in the last year—an unprecedented growth, especially compared to the typical average of just 3 to 5 percent each year. And while the need for quicker, more seamless support has also grown, organizations have not adapted with larger service teams. With limited resources, they face pressure to adopt more comprehensive tech that will decrease the manual labor required for their IT teams and automate most of their tasks. Otherwise, organizations will fail to remain competitive and drive the success they seek.


The 8 Applications of ServiceNow ITSM Pro

Considering the need for seamless, timely support, reviewing the success of your investments now ensures you’re getting the most value possible. Luckily, you don’t need to go far. Within ServiceNow, the ITSM Pro package offers companies from every industry access to a host of powerful features that drive valuable digital transformation and help them reach their goals. Compared to standard ITSM, Pro provides customers with eight additional applications:

  • DevOps Change
  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Performance Analytics
  • Continual Improvement Management
  • Virtual Agent
  • Service Owner Workspace
  • Vendor Management Workspace
  • Dynamic Translation

Let’s explore four of these essential ITSM Pro features and how you can utilize them in your organization. 


Dev Ops Change Velocity

DevOps is an essential aspect of any organization’s workflows. Combining software and operations, these practices and tools aim to shorten the lifecycle of systems development and provide continuous value to customers. With ServiceNow ITSM Pro, DevOps Change Velocity enables companies to implement DevOps at scale to ensure both safety and speed by empowering developers. As the rate of change quickens and developers face higher stakes, they will need support to help maintain productivity and keep frustrations low. 

For example, one of the most important workflows that DevOps Change Velocity can streamline is change automation. Around 15 to 30 minutes of a developer’s day are taken up by change management, and product lifecycles are quicker than change processes can keep up with. That’s why DevOps Change Velocity provides workflows that 1) automate change request creation, 2) automate approvals using change policies, and 3) improve stability by providing reliable data that is automatically populated. 

On top of change automation, Change Velocity can also help transform the following workflows: 

  • Continuous compliance
  • Agile team planning
  • Service health
  • Release readiness
  • Insights and analytics

With this tool from ServiceNow ITSM Pro, your team can simplify and scale DevOps, deliver at high speed, and minimize risk—all in one tool.


Predictive Intelligence

More organizations are realizing the value of AI. In fact, 91.5 percent of leading businesses have an ongoing investment in AI, and investment is expected to increase by more than 300 percent in the next few years. With Predictive Intelligence, investing in AI and machine learning is easier than ever, offering a better work experience across all of your ServiceNow applications. From ITSM to CSM, greater machine learning capabilities can improve the accuracy and efficiency of incident categorization and case management and help you resolve incidents as quickly as possible. Plus, effective automation not only improves speed and accuracy but also helps you manage cost while improving the quality of services. 

Predictive intelligence provides four frameworks to use to create machine learning solutions: classification, similarity, clustering, and regression. These workflows allow you to seamlessly set field values based on descriptions, compare record values, group them into clusters to identify patterns, and train solutions based on historic data. And that’s just the beginning. A ServiceNow Partner can identify even more areas for improvement with Predictive Intelligence.


Performance Analytics

As stakes rise and digital transformation takes center stage as a central aspect of company success, companies are also spending more on technologies than ever before. By 2023, global spending on digital transformation is expected to reach $6.8 trillion. As spending grows, companies will need to not only make sure that their investments are worthwhile but also identify opportunities to save money. That’s where ServiceNow ITSM Pro’s Performance Analytics platform can help. By optimizing your processes, Performance Analytics creates dashboards, reports metrics, and answers business questions, thereby increasing quality while reducing the costs of service delivery.

Here’s how it works: Performance Analytics monitors performance across all of IT, empowering you to identify areas for improvement and resolve bottlenecks in service delivery before they lead to unforeseen costs. As a result, your team can prioritize resources, clarify what matters, maximize automation and self-service, and update processes as needed. With visibility into the information you need to analyze success, you can make better decisions and consistently drive greater revenue.


Continual Improvement Management

Regardless of how many great technologies you invest in, it doesn’t matter if they aren’t adaptable and focused on continuous improvement. That’s why ServiceNow ITSM Pro offers Continual Improvement Management, which provides a structured framework that focuses on bringing all IT aspects together to make ongoing improvements. This tool offers the following powerful features: 

  • Process enhancement
  • Domain separation
  • Improvement workbench
  • Value realization dashboard
  • Improvement readiness
  • Seamless integration with ServiceNow 
  • Dashboard reports
  • Real-time analytics


Are You Ready to Innovate with ServiceNow ITSM Pro?

If you’re searching for a ServiceNow Partner to help you implement and/or manage ServiceNow ITSM Pro, Crossfuze offers the best of both worlds. As an enterprise ServiceNow Elite Partner, Crossfuze has the deep industry experience you need, making it a top one percent partner for delivering long-term, consistent success globally. Crossfuze is also small enough to give your business the careful attention it deserves. We can even help you integrate the entire ITSM Pro suite in as little as six weeks. 

Don’t sacrifice any aspect of comprehensive ServiceNow support: Reach out to us at to learn more.

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