A True Testament: Unparalleled Expertise and Efficiency with Crossfuze Extend™

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How does working with a true Journey Partner transform businesses? Why not hear from one of our clients? 

We recently sat down with Teri Blackstock, Senior Manager of ServiceNow team implementation at WOW! Internet. Ms. Blackstock's rich insights underline our ServiceNow implementation skills and our commitment to value creation as a true Journey Partner. 


A Case for Crossfuze Extend™

Teri elaborated on the critical advantage Extend—our unique model—has provided her organization. She highlighted how the pod structure, led by a designated Extend leader from Crossfuze, consolidates expertise from varied domains into one primary point of contact. According to Teri, the Extend model didn't just save her team time—it revolutionized how they work! 


"That's where we've saved time. I really can't suggest a better way of doing it and we've tried! So, we're definitely very happy." 


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Why does the Extend model shine? It streamlines communication, to a single contact, enabling managers like Teri to relinquish micro-managing legwork. 


Watch this now:



At Crossfuze, we’re proud to have enabled WOW! Internet to steer through substantial projects over the past year. 


Teri puts it well: 


“We've been able to work through some very large projects over the last year using this model. My time is less in that I can go off and do other work and other architects, you know, thinking of other things where we're going to go, a future roadmap.” 

We are confident in the capabilities of Extend, but the real testament comes from clients who have experienced its benefits firsthand. As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, we never shy away from adding significant value to businesses—whether they are large-scale organizations navigating complex processes or small enterprises setting up their initial blueprints. 

Why not understand this further and explore how our formidable combination of large-scale knowledge, boutique flexibility, and dedication can transform your business operations? Visit our Extend webpage for a thorough understanding of our model. Let's chart a roadmap for your ServiceNow success together. 


Chart a Roadmap to ServiceNow Success with Crossfuze, a ServiceNow Elite Partner

With our suite of consulting services like Infuze and Extend, Crossfuze is ready to partner with you no matter where you are on your digital transformation journey. If you’d like to learn more, reach out at letstalk@crossfuze.com and let’s talk!

Until next time, stay awesome and keep giving your customers the best service they deserve!

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