What Is Microsoft Cloud App Security?

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With the rise of organizations enabling their employees to work from home comes the ability for employees to work anywhere in the world. From coffee shops to exotic locations in foreign countries and any space in between, people have found new ways to work effectively as they have adapted to working remotely. While this has provided many benefits, such as more flexibility and freedom for employees, it has also brought up the possibility of a new array of security risks. Accidental data mishandling is one risk that could be particularly harmful for your organization, and you might not even realize it.

Regardless of their physical location, you trust your employees to get their work done efficiently and to work in favor of your organization. However, remote work can make visibility difficult. As workers adapt to working from home, they may begin to use their own preferred apps for doc editing and sharing, especially while traveling. While these apps may be convenient because they automatically sync to the Cloud, the problem with this is that many employees—and the organization they work for—are unaware of the risks that these third-party applications may present to the company. From compromised company notes to credit card information, it’s difficult to predict which apps are going to leave your organization open to security threats. 

This is why the implementation of a cloud access security broker (CASB) like Microsoft Cloud App Security is essential to every organization. Let’s dive into more details about CASBs and Microsoft Cloud App Security, why your organization needs it, and how Crossfuze can help you drive the most value from the solution.


What is a CASB, anyway? 

It can be difficult to understand exactly what a cloud access security broker is, so here is a simple explanation: A CASB acts as a central data authentication and encryption hub for everything your organization uses. This includes all endpoints, both LAN-connected and fully remote off of the VPN, as well as private tablets, laptops, and smartphones. Providing full visibility into your data, CASBs help you identify the security unknowns within your environment, effectively allowing you to protect yourself from security threats. At their core, CASBs provide you with the ability to know who is accessing your data and from where, which allows you to digest, block, and discover where your data is to ensure that it is safe.

With a CASB, it doesn’t matter where your employees are working. Whether they are working at headquarters, a coffee shop, or home, your organization’s data will be protected—and you will gain full visibility into it—regardless of the location. 


What is Microsoft Cloud App Security?

Microsoft Cloud App Security is a CASB that provides multifunction visibility, data travel control, and analytics designed to help you control how your data is consumed—regardless of where it lives. With a holistic dashboard that provides full visibility into your security environment, you can see everything from where your employees are working to how they are accessing your data. 

Cloud App Security is equipped with real-time controls that you can use to enable threat protection at every access point to your environment. It is also well-integrated with other security tools, which means less data traveling between disparate systems as compared to a third-party resource. In comparison to other CASB solutions, Microsoft is easy to use, allowing users to connect with a click of a button and access data immediately. 


What are the benefits of implementing Cloud App Security?

Processing your data in the Cloud can benefit your organization in a number of ways, especially in terms of remote work. Without the right tools, however, you may leave your data open to countless security threats and risks. CASBs protect your cloud from a number of security concerns that your organization faces on a daily basis. 

There are many additional benefits associated with using Microsoft Cloud App Security as your CASB, including the following:

  • Threat protection: Detect unusual behavior across the Cloud, analyze risks, and address them quickly to limit the risk or damage to your organization 
  • Compliance assessment: Assess whether your cloud applications meet compliance requirements and prevent data leaks to noncompliant apps. 
  • Identity management: Microsoft Cloud App Security can integrate with Azure Active Directory to provide identity and access management services. With identity management, security is tied to the identity of the person and the source of the threat.
  • Effortless integration: The tool is well integrated with other Microsoft security tools.
  • Cost-efficiency: Third-party CASBs can be expensive. If you already have Microsoft 365 E5 or Enterprise Mobility and Security E3, the Cloud App Security toolset is included. If you would like, you can also purchase the CASB on its own.

With Cloud App Security, you can reap the benefits of processing all of your organization’s information in the Cloud without worrying about risking the security of your data.


How can Crossfuze help?

It can be difficult to sort through the vast world of Microsoft offerings to identify the best practices you should use when it comes to security. At Crossfuze, we offer tailored Microsoft Cloud Solutions designed to help you increase security, productivity, and collaboration within your organization—no matter where your employees may be located. With the experience and knowledge to help organizations make the security transitions they need to make, Crossfuze’s experts bring a personal touch to technology and take the time to learn about your environment and its needs. By providing you with personalized solutions, we can help you see your entire security landscape to get you from insufficient security protection to everything you need to keep your organization’s processes running smoothly.

Whether you already process your data on the Cloud or are looking to make the transition into doing so, the implementation of a CASB is absolutely essential to monitoring your information and keeping it safe. Microsoft Cloud App Security is particularly valuable, as it comes at no extra cost to your organization, provides a holistic dashboard that offers full visibility into your environment, and offers smooth and easy integration with other Microsoft tools. Don’t take the risk of leaving your data open to threats. Take the time now to protect your data with comprehensive CASB solutions.  


To learn more about Crossfuze and how we can help you implement Microsoft Cloud App Security and other security solutions, reach out to us at LetsTalk@crossfuze.com.

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