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Imagine your telco company is facing a string of customer issues—it’s all the same problem, and it’s a doozy. The issue touches customer service, finance, and engineering, but it’s hard for the support team to tell where it originated. You need some serious cross-company investigation coupled with collaborative analysis and problem-solving, but it’s messy, and customers are getting frustrated.

ServiceNow Customer Service Management (CSM) was designed to help with messy problems like this. CSM connects teams across departments so that problem-solving and collaboration are quick and powerful. CSM allows companies to assign tasks across the organization, come to resolutions quickly, and do it all with ease.


Assign Tasks across the Organization

ServiceNow CSM can assign tasks to any department in the organization, from field service to engineering and from finance to customer service. That way, the issues go straight to the correct person to solve it, without wasteful back-and-forth and passing the buck.

One helpful option is the Agent Intelligence classification framework. Enabling this feature allows companies “to use machine-learning algorithms to set field values during record creation, such as setting the incident category based on the short description. You can train predictive models so they act as an agent to automatically categorize and route work based on your past record-handling experience.”

Here’s how it works: As requesters make thousands of requests using the short description, CSM learns how to resolve requests faster. It categorizes, assigns, and prioritizes requests to create cases, sending them to the right people at the right time.

With Agent Intelligence and automated request- and category-assignment, CSM:

●      handles higher volumes of incoming requests at lower costs,

●      reduces the time it takes to resolve cases,

●      decreases the number of interactions it takes to resolve tasks, and

●      reduces the error rates of categorizing and assigning work.


Save Time and Money

Consumers expect customer service to be quick, and the good news is that being quick saves companies money. It’s a win-win.

Not only can CSM assign tasks to any department, but it also connects departments with each other. When customers experience complex issues, all of the right departments can communicate with each other and get all the engagement details on the client from the dashboard, including accounts, contacts, products, SLAs, and entitlements. This connection and ease of access eliminates searching everywhere for information and allows agents to fix issues quickly.

One telco company used CSM to save $15.6 million (£12.36 million) in support costs by reducing support calls and increasing self-service. As a leader in telco, you can achieve these kinds of results by “identify[ing] which channels are the most efficient for your business and which are the simplest and most convenient for your customers. Ideally, they will be one and the same. Then, you need to employ strategies that help move usage away from the most expensive channels, to the ones that are the simplest to use and maintain, such as the web.”

The provider that saved the £12 million sum shifted several contacts from phone to a customer service portal, which saved them £5.55, or the difference between phone and web contact costs, per contact. Five pounds doesn’t sound like a lot, but it clearly added up to significant savings.


Seamless Experience for Staff Users

CSM is easy for employees to adopt. It provides an intuitive, modern experience with self-service portals, personalized mobile apps, and contextual collaboration. The capabilities for escalating support needs and assigning custom knowledge bases improves the workflow between IT and the users, so if there are any problems with the platform, IT is right there to fix them.

Focus Brands, a company that owns several food brands, added CSM to its existing ITSM ServiceNow platform. Employees and customers submit approximately 8,000 tickets per month through CSM. It’s an easy experience that leads to satisfactory resolutions. Rami Abdul-Hadi, director of IT support services at Focus Brands, said CSM has worked seamlessly for users.

“The way I measure success is that nobody’s complaining,” he says. “I don’t have to show users that ServiceNow CSM is performing. We just show them how to log in and submit and see tickets, and they take it from there. We’ve had no complaints with ServiceNow, and that is a key way I define success.”

ServiceNow CSM makes customer service workflows run smoothly. With CSM, companies can assign tasks across the organization, come to resolutions quickly, and do it all with ease and power.

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