The Scalable Customer Service Solution for Your Growing Business Needs

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According to the PwC Future of Customer Experience Survey, “59 percent of all consumers feel companies have lost touch with the human element of customer experience.” As companies grow, it can be hard to keep up with the increasing demands of customers, let alone give them a customer experience with a human touch. 

The survey also found that 82 percent of U.S. and 74 percent of non-U.S. consumers want more human interaction in the future. “That makes it crucial that the technology supporting human interaction is unobtrusive and works seamlessly across platforms,” according to an article about the survey titled “Customer experience is everything.”

That’s where a Customer Service Management platform (CSM) can help. ServiceNow CSM gives employees easy access and allows for flexibility through change. It also provides automation to meet increasing demands and facilitates a remote workforce. All these benefits make for a seamless experience for both employees and customers.


Easy Access and Flexibility through Change

ServiceNow CSM is a cloud solution, which means it gives users easy access and the ability to be flexible. Users can access CSM solutions through any device, and the solution can scale up or scale down as needed. These capabilities are exactly what growing businesses need.

“[One] company’s previous enterprise systems ran within an on‑premises data center infrastructure that reduced flexibility and was prone to downtime,” according to IBM Services. “Today the company employs cloud services to conduct 80% of critical enterprise transactions with increased flexibility and availability that supports 24/7 global operations and enables growth without the need for major capital expenditures.”

When growing businesses face increasing demands, they don’t have to invest in infrastructure—they can simply increase the capacity of the cloud. This flexibility can give these businesses an edge over their competitors. And with no large upfront costs and the ability to only pay for what they use, it’s a huge money saver for companies.


Automation to Meet Increasing Demands

As companies gain more customers, it would be nice if they could increase the size of their customer service teams at a one-to-one ratio to give all of their customers a human touch. But since that’s not possible, the best way to keep up with the demand is to take advantage of the automation and artificial intelligence offered by CSM.

“Enterprises must re-imagine their operations, with automation and AI at the center of their strategy: for example automated answers, automated conversations, automated agent guidance and RPA, optimized routing, scheduling, case classification,” said Kate Leggett, vice president and principal analyst at Forrester. “They must also invest in intelligence to ensure AI-fueled technologies evolve and learn from prior interactions over time.”

ServiceNow CSM allows companies to automate manual, repetitive process, which saves time and money. But better yet, customer service personnel can use that extra time to deliver service with a human touch to the customers who need it most. 


Facilitating a Remote Workforce

Keeping up with growth is challenging enough for traditional, in-office companies. But in hybrid or remote-only companies, there’s a heightened chance for miscommunication and a lack of uniformity in processes.

CSM solutions make communication clearer and facilitate uniform processes for both in-office and remote workers. At Crossfuze, we help companies “implement a streamlined and transparent internal process for handling cases by first identifying the current inefficient and complex processes before they are automated.” Then when ServiceNow is implemented, companies can use it right out of the box to communicate between departments, share information, and serve their customers in the most effective way possible.

“This shift [to automated CSM] allows your employees to be more engaged when they’re needed, provide better service and get necessary support from technology—as part of the seamless experience [of technology supporting human interaction],” according to PwC. “This will require a change in how companies measure customer service performance. A focus on innovation, and equipping employees with technology and the information they need to best serve consumers could help close this gap.”

ServiceNow CSM provides easy access, flexibility, automation, and support for remote workplaces. Learn more about how ServiceNow CSM can create a seamless experience for both your employees and customers.

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