Making a Difference - How ServiceNow Vaccine Management Impacts Your Patients

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Good news! 

The COVID Vaccine rollout has begun in earnest. Even so, many parts of the world face a slow deployment. Callers experience long hold times when trying to make a vaccine appointment, mass vaccination events experience longer lines. And people who need the vaccination the most, the elderly, find themselves battling obstacles just to get two little shots. 

A nightmarish scenariofor healthcare providers and vaccine recipients alike.  

Thankfully, some people solve problems before they’re identified - like the folks at ServiceNow.  Throughout the pandemic, ServiceNow has kept abreast of developments and developed technologies to help healthcare providers weather this storm. And make it easy for older patients, who are often wary of or uncomfortable with technologyget vaccinated. 


Here’s a story about how it works. 

When Edith Bunker (not her real name) heard the FDA approved two vaccines, one from Pfizer the other from Moderna, she was over the moon. She and her husband, Archie, had been holding out since March – seeing their daughter and grandchildren very infrequently and traveling outside their condo only when necessary. A COVID outbreak at a neighboring senior condo sent shock waves through their community. Still, Edith and Archie remained steadfast and hopeful that a vaccine would finally arrive. 

When it did arrive, the vaccine presented a whole new set of challenges. When would Archie and Edith know it was their turn? How long would they have to wait for an appointment? Would they need to give up a whole day just to sit on hold before finally making the appointment? Would their provider provide mass vaccination where they would have to go and wait in line for hours before it was their turn? Would that even be safe? 

At 75 and 82, Edith and Archie had a lot to be worried about. 

Meanwhile, healthcare providers have their own concerns. After receiving vaccine doses, they have a small window in which to administer them to patients before the doses expire. Providers must schedule appointments, collect pre-vaccination information and privacy consent, schedule second-dose appointments and remind patients about both appointments. 

It turns out, their healthcare provider used ServiceNow's Vaccine Administration Management solution. This digitized process gets vaccines to the providers and people who need them most. Providers can configure vaccine schedules for the first and second dose, upload vaccine recipient data, location data and run a bulk schedule to maximize efficiency. 

At the appointment, ServiceNow’s vaccine administration management workflows help the clinician verify recipient information, review the pre-vaccination questionnaire, administer and record the vaccination or mark it as a no-show. 

And for recipients, it’s easy as pie. 

When the email arrived in Edith’s inbox, she clicked the link and made the appointment. Archie got an identical email and did the same. Thanks to ServiceNow workflows, they scheduled appointments back-to-back at their preferred clinic and received their first dose less than a week after they scheduled their first appointment. At the clinic, the process was so slick, that Edith and Archie both received their vaccine before Archie’s appointment even started. 

No excruciating wait time. 

No long lines. 

No worries. 

The finish line was easier than imagined – and worth the wait.  

Crossfuze helps healthcare providers implement workflows and streamline administrative processes so providers can focus on practicing medicine. If you’d like to learn more about how Crossfuze can help you implement a patient experience that makes you a true hero, reach out at 

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