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The first 100 days of ServiceNow implementation are make-or-break for every organization. This is the time when you either lay a foundation for your long-term ServiceNow success—or you stumble out of the gate. If all you’re doing in your first 100 days is acquiring your ServiceNow licenses and turning over specs to your technical implementation team, you’re going about it the wrong way. 

ServiceNow implementation requires much more than just orchestrating the technical aspects. During your first 100 days, you should be putting into motion a number of discrete moving parts that will jump-start digital transformation across your organization and pave the way for sustainable organizational change. Let’s explore the four essential areas you want to focus on during your first 100 days of ServiceNow:


  • Lay out a concrete vision and a roadmap: Without a vision and a roadmap for where you want to go, ServiceNow becomes just another technology implementation project that everyone wants to check off their list. The vision-building process enables you to articulate your big-picture goals for ServiceNow and how these goals align with your organization’s business strategy. Once your vision is in place, your follow-up task is to create an implementation roadmap that explains how you’ll prioritize and order the discrete steps you’re taking to achieve your vision. Your vision and roadmap not only bring clarity to your long-term ServiceNow goals, but they also engender understanding, buy-in, and enthusiasm from your end-user stakeholders.
  • Set up your organization for Phase 1 wins: Early home runs on your ServiceNow implementation journey provide the much-needed wind beneath your wings, reminding your implementation team and stakeholders that ServiceNow is worth sustained investment of their time, budget, and resources. To guarantee that these wins come early and often during your first 100 days, you want to proactively prepare. First, you should prioritize what data you want to migrate to ServiceNow; in particular, you need to preserve the integrity and usability of your new system by not overwhelming it with poor-quality, unnecessary, outdated data. Second, you should assemble a diverse advisory team that represents the diversity of stakeholders and viewpoints; when they become part of the implementation process, they become less likely to resist and more likely to actively work to make ServiceNow a success.
  • Provide world-class user experiences: If the thing that end users remember most about their initial ServiceNow experiences is the glitches and poorly designed interfaces, you took several steps backwards rather than leaps forward. During your first 100 days of ServiceNow implementation, it’s critical to ensure your interfaces and workflows are designed to provide world-class user experiences. You should be reaching out to all of the service units that will be affected by ServiceNow to solicit their needs and ideas, and to invite them to beta-test and work out kinks before ServiceNow goes live. You also should be mapping out your user experiences before they’re captured in ServiceNow; the mapping process will help you think critically about which aspects you can tweak to optimize your user experiences.
  • Develop and start collecting your KPIs: From Day 1, you will be under pressure from your CFO and other stakeholders to prove out the value of your ServiceNow investment. Your critics and naysayers will be waiting for you to stumble. You cannot afford to give anyone any reason to doubt that ServiceNow is going to be an unquestionable success story. This is why you need to develop key performance indicators (KPIs), which are the quantitative metrics you’ll use to evaluate the success of ServiceNow. You want to take time to design KPIs that will be perceived as objective and relevant to your organization. Your KPIs should be realistic to achieve and able to properly capture all of your incremental wins. The process of designing KPIs takes time and requires robust input from your stakeholders, underscoring the value of starting this process during your first 100 days.
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If you’re interested in learning more about how to build a solid ServiceNow foundation for long-term success from the day you decide on ServiceNow as your transformative platform, check out Crossfuze’s new ServiceNow Onboarding Success Workbook. This free, interactive planning and action guide offers a much deeper dive into what you should be doing to prepare for early ServiceNow success. We show you through examples how to perform mission-critical tasks, and then we put you in the driver’s seat to personalize and complete these tasks for your organization. 


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