Making Faster, Smarter Decisions with ServiceNow ITOM

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We’re in a dynamic economic climate, and companies are facing increasing pressure to comply with strict regulations while also maintaining tight control over their internal business processes. These steps are both important for guarding against operational threats and other issues that slow services down.

Additionally, customers expect seamless and secure digital experiences. When they choose a bank (or any type of company) to do business with, they need to find an organization high in trust and likeability.

To help meet regulations, control business processes, and meet customer demands, One Savings Bank implemented ServiceNow IT Operations Management (ITOM). Their ITOM instance resulted in better visibility, faster root-cause analysis, and better reporting and data accessibility. Join our upcoming fireside chat to learn more details about their journey to operational resilience. In the meantime, keep reading for a preview of how ITOM played a role in helping them move towards the future with confidence:


Better Visibility in Times of Change

Visibility into your entire organization is always important. But when you’re going through a major change? It’s crucial.

One Savings Bank went through a merger, for example. Anyone who has been through a merger knows how messy IT operations can get. But the bank leveraged ITOM to help them maintain visibility in the wake of the massive change.


ServiceNow ITOM helps you “take charge of your infrastructure and services from one source.” With this one source, you can “improve service quality, strengthen change processes, reduce risk, optimize your infrastructure spend, and minimize software compliance issues.”


Faster Root Cause Analysis and Incident Resolution

Another benefit One Savings Bank saw from implementing ITOM was faster root-cause analysis and incident resolution. With ITOM, IT staff don’t have to work on time-consuming, error-prone tasks, and artificial intelligence for IT operations (AIOps) can actually help drive down service outages. These two factors reduce time to issue resolution by using “relevant and contextual change, problem, and incident data.”

Similar to One Savings Bank, NATS, a UK provider of air traffic control services, saw faster incident resolution through ITOM.

“We can take rectification actions before air traffic controllers even know an engineering incident is occurring,” said Jamie Mead, service delivery manager at NATS. “If an event happens in one of the applications, ServiceNow will be commanded to remediate and orchestrate it before it affects services. Capacity is secured and planes aren’t delayed.”


Better Reporting and Data Accessibility

Did you know? Gartner found that four out of five businesses “will stop supporting on-premises data centers entirely by 2025, replacing them with colocation, hosting, and cloud solutions.”

With data becoming increasingly available, it’s important to make it accessible for everyone on the team who needs it. One Savings Bank found that ITOM improved data accessibility and reporting, helping to drive informed business decisions and ensure compliance.

ServiceNow ITOM solutions from Crossfuze allow you to “automatically enforce good governance and ensure compliance to business policies.”

Companies can’t afford unnecessary noise and disconnected systems that impair business decision-making. You must be ready to respond to service disruptions quickly and intelligently before they negatively affect the health of your business or your customer experience.

With ITOM in its tool belt, One Savings Bank overcame these challenges. They realized better visibility, faster root-cause analysis, and better reporting and data accessibility. Join our upcoming fireside chat to learn more details about their journey toward operational resilience and see how they are moving toward the future with confidence by using ServiceNow ITOM.

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