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Not so long ago, institutional technology was a four-wheeled cart with a 75-pound TV strapped to it, the projector whose lightbulb always went out mid-lecture or the dark green board with small pieces of chalk and a dusty old eraser. In the modern world, prospective students, enrollees, faculty and alumni want information at the click of a button no matter where they are in the world.  

Beyond classroom walls, people interact with a truly digital world. Whether they’re paying their bills, reading the news or ordering their favorite food. Why does this “consumerized” experience end as soon as we set foot on campus?  Let’s dig in and find out. 


Centralize with ServiceNow CSM 

At the end of the day, all educational institutions have the same goal - to help students and faculty fulfill their potential and promote academic excellence for tomorrow’s generations. It’s doubtful you’ll find an educator who disagrees. But managing the technology demands required by the education market often comes up lacking. When you think about all the services educational institutions provide their people, they begin to look like small metropolises nested within various cities, counties and states across the world. They provide housing, healthcare, food, transportation, and safety to thousands of students and faculty every day. It’s no wonder mobile applications for student services don’t exist! Would you prioritize an app over the health and safety of your students and faculty?  

However, centralizing your university under a single platform or application frees up time for leaders to focus on meaningful work – whether that’s strategy over tactics or deep research that could change the world. Connecting campus departments with a solution like ServiceNow Customer Service Management enhances productivity, efficiency and effectiveness. Modernizing the student, faculty, alumni and parent experience through technology means campus leaders can focus on high-priority demands like safety, housing and transportation. 

 The most successful institutions in the world leverage ServiceNow to: 

  • Provide streamlined self-service offerings for campus users to request services from the growing number of departments across the institution 
  • Create intradepartmental workflows to connect different people and ensure delivery of the most responsive and highest quality service to students 
  • Visualize, quantify, and measure workflow success to support fiscal decisions or campus-wide changes 


Higher Education is at a Crossroads 

Ultimately, educational institutions find themselves at a crossroads. The COVID-19 pandemic disrupted the industry, and now school districts, colleges and universities must find a more modern and readily available foundation to deliver student and faculty success. ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management tool provides integration between student experiences and the faculty that support them.  

You can’t deny it. In the modern world, our everyday interactions are digital. Digital accessibility can make the difference between a student selecting your school or going somewhere else. Let’s move away from walking to the registrar’s office to change classes or walking to public safety to pay a parking ticket. Instead, leverage the Platform of Platforms to connect your tools, people, and processes and deliver on the mission of fulfilling the potential of your people and promoting the excellence of tomorrow.  

Crossfuze helps organizations of all stripes build digital workflows that create meaningful experiences for employees and customers. If you’d like to learn more, reach out at 


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Thomas Hunt is a results driven ServiceNow expert who’s delivered and solutioned hundreds of complex ServiceNow implementations in large Enterprise environments. Thomas has a deep passion for helping clients in their digital transformation journeys and solving real-world problems. He has spent the last 8+ years stepping up to meet the demands where Enterprise and Customer Service worlds collide, and his experience within the ServiceNow ecosystem ranges from Professional Services and Business Process Consulting positions to Architecture Design and Practice Leadership roles. What Thomas enjoys most is developing unique solutions to help customers achieve the most value from their ServiceNow Customer Service Management investments.



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