What’s New in ServiceNow Quebec?

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In the race to digital transformation, all workflows lead to Quebec. That is, if you’re a ServiceNow customer ready to upgrade. Quebec is set for release in March and the folks at ServiceNow are excited about what this version has to offer. After all, in addition to enhancing the platform, ServiceNow has developed a suite of workflows designed to help enterprises navigate the post-COVID world. 

With the Quebec release, customers will see the fruits of ServiceNow’s AI acquisitions with enhanced Virtual Agents, Natural Language Understanding, Predictive Intelligence, and so much more. 


IT Workflows 

Workforce Optimization for ITSM. Managers have a 360-degree view of agent work, schedule, skills and training on a single pane of glass dashboard 

Process Optimization for ITSM helps managers easily see where bottlenecks are and how to resolve them. 

ServiceNow has further enhanced ITSM with Natural Language Understanding, workflows and integration to automatically suggest topics and deflect issues that can be resolved using the Knowledge Base or AI workflows – freeing up IT teams to focus on more complex problems and meaningful work. 

For IT Operations Management (ITOM), we put together this video to showcase everything you need to know: 


Customer Workflows 

With Engagement Messenger the customer self-service experience extends to web or mobile web. Mobile messaging channels enable branded, interactive mobile experiences directly in customer messaging apps including Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp (with a Twilio contract), and LINE.  

Managers can track real-time progress of work done across teams, take action to improve visibility of agent workload, performance and overall operations. 

Meanwhile, Process Optimization for CSM analyzes and improves customer service processes using ServiceNow audit log data. Identify bottlenecks, redundancies and automation opportunities. 


Employee Workflows 

Universal Request provides a unified experience for employees across all departments. Agents can collaborate, transfer tickets and manage cross-departmental SLAs – all in one place. With the Quebec release you can capture employee feedback immediately, leverage employee insights and take appropriate action. 

Managers can create personalized plans for employees to accelerate productivity with the Journey Accelerator. This enhancement allows you to streamline employee workflows and assign mentors at various stages throughout the employee journey. 

The NOW Platform’s Safe Workplace Suite, employees can return to the workforce with recommendations for Travel Safety, Employee Readiness Surveys and Employee Health Screening applications. Case management workflows allow case creation from any device using a virtual agent. Visitor management allows visitors to register from mobile and desktop, manages visitor arrivals and prepares badges and access.  


Creator Workflows 

The Quebec Release App Engine Studio is a fast, intuitive, low code visual development environment that empowers developers of every skill level to collaborate and build applications to power the digital enterprise. ServiceNow developers can run with citizen developer products already on the market. 

Developers can use Remote Process Synchronization to manage an out of the box framework for complex bi-directional process integrations. 

Want to learn more? 

Whether you’d like a personalized demo or some assistance with upgrade preparations, we have a team of experienced implementation experts to help make the process as efficient and effective as possible.  

Reach out at LetTalk@crossfuze.com. 

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