Latest on Crossfuze Weighs in on Data Security and How Employees Pose the Biggest Threat

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If you’re like most forward-thinking companies, you’re focused on using technology and automation to achieve bottom-line profitability. However, alongside profitability should be data security, and taking the right measures to reduce vulnerabilities not just from the outside, but equally if not more importantly, from the inside.


In a newly published Forbes article, Crossfuze’s John Ryan comments on how employees, including you, can be a major cause of security vulnerabilities—falling victim to phishing scams, not using antivirus software, or not monitoring for risky employee activity.

According to Veriato’s 2018 Insider Threat Report, which surveyed 472 cybersecurity experts, 90% of cybersecurity professionals surveyed feel their company is vulnerable to insider attacks, and about 50% have experienced at least one of these attacks in the last 12 months. Those surveyed chose regular employees as the biggest security risk for their company. As you can expect, a majority (94%) believe they should monitor employees to prevent these attacks.


Ryan, who is Crossfuze’s Chief Marketing Officer, encourages companies to combat these tendencies by building a comprehensive security strategy from the outset. In addition, whenever deploying new technology, understanding not only how the employees will use the system--via features and functionality--but also how security should be handled when using the system is paramount. It’s incumbent on every company to manage the risks associated with having multiple employees connected to any system.


To read more about what Crossfuze and other tech-sector experts recommend for maintaining data security, please check out the Forbes article, Why your employees might be the biggest threat to your growing business (and what to do about it).


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