Must-Read Resources for Banking IT Leaders

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Technology might not have changed the tenets of banking on a fundamental level, but products have become commoditized. While the services and products might not have changed much, how they are delivered certainly has.

If you’re not sure how best to operate with this new how, you’re not alone. Many banks are finding it difficult to remain competitive while also ensuring that their clients are satisfied and their data is secure. To help banking IT leaders navigate this evolving landscape, Crossfuze has gathered helpful resources about what’s going on in banking. Browse through these articles, thought leadership pieces, and research to stay abreast of the top trends and IT best practices in banking today.



  • Did you know that ServiceNow can be used for compliance operations? This solution brief shows banks how by covering the basics of ServiceNow, compliance workflow design, regulatory change management, and more.
  • Digital banking isn’t just about technology. Tagit explains six key considerations for a wise approach to the digital banking journey.
  • BAI presents a weekly thought leadership podcast on banking strategies. Episodes cover everything from guidance on specific tips for digital transformation to insights on how to create a culture that supports innovation.

Through digital transformation, BBVA USA’s branch productivity increased by 40 percent over two years. Read the case study.

Recommended Webinar: Strengthening Operational Resilience in Banking


  • In an episode of the podcast Industry Focus: Consumer Goods,’s Dan Kline gives his insights on banking of the future. The episode covers banking as a service, the demise of overdraft fees, and how companies like Uber and T-Mobile are entering the banking space. Listen to the podcast or read the transcript.
  • Looking for a breakdown of IBISWorld's Commercial Banking in the US Industry Report? Browse a chart showing the market size of commercial banking over the past 20 years and read through a Q&A that reveals some findings from the full report. 
  • Read “Regional outlook: Europe” from KPMG Global to learn how the banking sectors of selected countries around Europe have responded to the pandemic



Read this article for a sampling of what UK banks can learn from other markets. The article explores the state of things in the UK and the wins that banks in the Middle East, the United States, and across Europe have achieved during the pandemic.



  • Suleman Din at American Banker discusses nine tech challenges facing banks, with information coming from recent industry studies.

2020 has been a crucial year for banking IT. Use these resources to make the best strategic IT decisions for your bank. And contact us if you’re ready to take your bank’s IT operations to the next level! At Crossfuze, our comprehensive ServiceNow Resource Center helps organizations take full advantage of the ServiceNow platform. Click here to set up a customized assessment of the state of IT in your bank.


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