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IT leaders at law firms have two big responsibilities to juggle—and these responsibilities are often in conflict. First, law firms must stay ahead of the curve with new technology solutions that employees and clients want and expect. Second, IT leaders must provide adequate security and access controls for highly sensitive data. 

If you’re struggling with either or both of these fronts, you’re not alone. Many law firms are struggling to keep pace with constant changes in technology. The best thing you can do is continually keep abreast of all the latest IT trends and insights in the legal industry, so you are never blind-sided by new developments. 

To help IT leaders quickly get up to speed, Crossfuze has compiled a one-stop repository of everything you need to know to be a confident, informed leader in the IT legal services industry. 


Perspectives from Thought Leaders in the Legal IT Industry

  • Arup Das of Alphaserve Technologies discusses "Smartsourcing" for law firms, exploring how to determine which services to keep in house—and which to outsource—in order to provide a better user experience for employees.  (free registration required)
  • Matt Peers, CIO of the Linklaters law firm, talks about how he keeps his law firm ahead of the technology curve without compromising security in this ComputerWeekly article and YouTube interview.
  • Michael Shea, CIO of the Morgan Lewis law firm, talks about digital transformation in the legal industry in this CXO Talk.
  • Christopher Zegers, Legal Consulting Director at Ivionics, discusses the evolution of technology in the legal industry in this Law.com article (free registration required).
  • Mike Lucas, Global CIO of the Hogan Lovells law firm, discusses how he set himself up for long-term success in his first 100 days in this Forbes article.


Case Studies on ServiceNow Implementation at a Large Law Firm

  • ServiceNow describes how the Latham & Watkins law firm started using ServiceNow for IT and then quickly expanded the platform’s role to encompass areas like document services and financial information in this ServiceNow case study.
  • The Addleshaw Goddard law firm discusses how it decided to use ServiceNow as the platform for achieving greater efficiencies in this ComputerWeekly.com article.


Perspectives on Managing Organizational Change in Law Firms

  • Book author Jordan Furlong discusses why change in law firms is challenging and how to overcome these challenges in this Law Twenty One article.
  • Leadership development coach Anne Collier discusses the range of ways employees at law firms react to change—and how to effectively manage this range of reactions—in this Law Practice Today article.


How Law Firms Can Get the Most from Technology

  • Scott Rechtschaffen, Chief Knowledge Officer for the Littler Mendelson law firm, discusses how to evaluate the appropriateness of adopting new technologies in this CIO Review article
  • The American Bar Association offers a detailed guide from Microsoft for how law firms can get the most out of their Microsoft 365 license in this ABA article.


Trends in Digital Transformation for Law Firms

  • The American Bar Association explores legal technology trends and predictions from legal experts in its multi-part 2018 Legal Technology Survey Report
  • Practice management software provider Clio examines trends in the amount of time that attorneys in law firms are spending on non-billable tasks in this Above the Law article.
  • Research analyst Daniel Newman discusses the top seven digital transformation trends in the legal industry in this 2019 Forbes article.
  • LexisNexus examines the top five trends to watch in the legal industry, including related to technology, in this 2019 Lexis Legal Advantage article.
  • A panel of law firm CIOs discusses how they use technology skills to find success in their roles in this Law.com article.


Final Thoughts

If your law firm is leaning toward cloud-based technology for managing IT and other enterprise services, Crossfuze offers a comprehensive, in-depth ServiceNow Resource Center designed to help businesses get the most from their investment in the ServiceNow platform. Please contact us today for a customized assessment of the state of technology in your law firm; Crossfuze will be pleased to show you how we can take your law firm to the next level at maximum speed—and with minimal risk.


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