Charting Her Own Course: A Story of ServiceNow Success

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Michelle Brockney is nothing short of electric. As a change agent in a high-growth company, she brings smarts, velvet-handed leadership, and purpose to her role every day. Whatever it is, she has it. The first time I spoke to Michelle was about 18 months ago, and I was immediately captivated by her intelligence, enthusiasm, and vision.

As the Director of Business Operations at Integration Partners, Michelle sparked the implementation of ServiceNow® and is providing an achievable vision. As Hemingway once wrote, “change started slowly and then suddenly.” Extraordinary change often happens when using ServiceNow for digital transformation, and with Michelle at the helm, new and positive business outcomes have arrived with confidence.

Are you the person who must be that ServiceNow leader? Do you need to find your ServiceNow champion? Would you like to hear a convincing ServiceNow story about leading change?

I have good news for you and your colleagues. 


On March 7th, 2018, Michelle Brockney shared her story with us - watch the on-demand webinar here. 

Like me, you will be captivated by her story about implementing ServiceNow, her unique vision, and how ServiceNow has changed their company’s business results. This conversation will help you with ServiceNow implementation, user adoption, and defining a roadmap. Michelle will also take some questions.

When an organization signs up for a robust platform that can provide critical digital transformation, internal champion(s) are needed. You don’t hand over an aircraft carrier to just anyone. It requires someone with a sense of purpose, relevant experience, and the ability to influence others.


Michelle Brockney and ServiceNow Webinar – Watch it on-demand Now

Digital transformation and platforms that enable new business outcomes like ServiceNow require progressive leadership. You can achieve rare insight into ServiceNow leadership by listening to Michelle. Better to win the battle before you fight the battle. Join us for this customer story webinar and let Michelle help you define a path to ServiceNow success.

Written by: John Ryan | Crossfuze CMO

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