Maturing Your ServiceNow CMDB Is the First Step into an AI Future

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There’s a reason why artificial intelligence (AI) was the showstopper at ServiceNow Knowledge this year: It has emerged as a game-changer for many organizations, offering efficiency and greater revenue for companies across industries. ServiceNow realizes just how important AI is to the future of work, which is why it announced generative AI enhancements that are all about accessibility for every Now Platform user. As we prepare for these additions, it will be essential to identify how to best use AI to maximize results.


ServiceNow CMDB and AI

The truth is, when used with a mature configuration management database (CMDB) and ServiceNow ITOM, AI offers even greater benefits for organizations looking to improve processes. These include governance, organizational change management (OCM), and streamlined IT operations. Let’s explore AI’s role in IT operations, the power of a mature ServiceNow CMDB, and how the combination of these tools can revolutionize IT operations and drive enhanced productivity, reliability, and customer satisfaction.


The Role of AI in IT Operations (AIOps)

Utilizing artificial intelligence in operations management is essential to maximizing the value of business processes. AI offers a wide range of benefits for IT operations. For example, by leveraging machine-learning algorithms and predictive analytics, AI can analyze vast amounts of data, detect patterns, and make intelligent recommendations. 

Using AI as part of your ITOM also offers the following advantages: 

  • Automation and Efficiency: AI-powered systems can automate routine and repetitive tasks, freeing up IT personnel to focus on more strategic initiatives. 
  • Proactive Incident Management: AI can significantly enhance incident management by proactively identifying and resolving issues before they escalate. 
  • Predictive Analytics: Enable IT teams to anticipate and address issues before they occur.
  • Intelligent Resource Management: Analyze data from various sources, including CMDBs, monitoring tools, and service requests to provide insights on resource utilization and allocation. 
  • Intelligent Decision-Making: By analyzing historical data, user behavior, and system performance, AI can empower you to make better IT decisions.
  • Continuous Improvement: AI algorithms help IT teams refine processes, optimize workflows, and implement best practices by consistently identifying trends.

By leveraging AI technologies, businesses can unlock the full potential of their IT operations and drive sustainable growth.


The Power of a Mature CMDB in ServiceNow

Maturing your CMDB in ServiceNow is the first step into an AI future, as using AI in conjunction with a mature CMDB can provide even greater solutions and benefits. In many ways, a CMDB acts as the backbone of IT operations. A CMDB is the centralized storage of all of an organization’s IT assets, including relationships and configuration details. When a CMDB is mature, it ensures that all information about infrastructure, apps, hardware, software, services, and operations is up to date and accurate. 

By maintaining correct information, the CMDB in ServiceNow is the single source of truth for an organization, enabling IT teams to improve service delivery, ensure compliance and governance, and make great data-driven decisions. Additionally, a mature CMDB offers continuous improvement as it allows you to consistently import accurate, certified data from external sources.


Utilizing ServiceNow ITOM to Maximize AI Value

As AI and automation continue to spread like wildfire, intelligence will be the key to value creation. Organizations will need to be innovative and quick on their feet to keep up with this new way of thinking, and having the right data to inform these decisions will be absolutely essential. 

ServiceNow ITOM ensures your CMDB is mature enough to maximize the value you obtain from AI. IT Operations Management combines applications and capabilities into packages that scale with you as your needs change, enabling you to acquire a holistic view of your operations across both on-premises data centers and the cloud and maintain the continuity of supported IT services. 

When used together, AI, a mature CMDB, and ServiceNow ITOM offer the following transformative benefits: 

  • Improved incident management
  • Proactive risk mitigation
  • Efficient change management
  • Optimal resource allocation
  • Actionable insights
  • And more

With AI, a mature CMDB, ServiceNow ITOM, and more, organizations streamline their processes, improve efficiency, and deliver exceptional services to their customers and employees. Under the ServiceNow umbrella, AI and CMDB empower IT teams to accomplish greater decision-making, automation, and proactive insights, driving them to a more agile and successful future despite any disruption.


Rely on ITOM Support from Crossfuze, a ServiceNow Elite Partner

Implementing AI, a mature CMDB, and ServiceNow ITOM requires careful planning, the collaboration between IT and business stakeholders, and a structured approach. Partnering with a ServiceNow Elite Partner like Crossfuze ensures you’ve covered all of your bases, offering you maximum benefits from start to finish. 

If you’re searching for a ServiceNow Partner to help you drive digital transformation, upgrade from legacy systems, and achieve your goals, we’d love to hear from you. Crossfuze is a ServiceNow Elite Partner, making it a top 1 percent partner for delivering long-term, consistent success globally.

Reach out to us at to learn more.

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