Crossfuze Launches Slack Approvals Integration for ServiceNow

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News Release: Crossfuze Slack Approvals Integration for ServiceNow speeds up approvals process for change requests by over 90%


ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA — Crossfuze, a leading ServiceNow Gold Partner that works with organizations to reimagine enterprise services to achieve digital transformation, has unveiled a new integration for the Slack collaboration hub that enables ServiceNow users to dramatically streamline the process by which they approve change requests and catalog items.

The Slack Approvals Integration for ServiceNow, officially unveiled today, allows Slack users to approve ServiceNow change requests and catalog items without ever leaving their Slack instance. During user testing, Slack users responded to ServiceNow approval requests nearly 92% faster, underscoring the value of this integrated solution for any organization that utilizes ServiceNow and Slack.

“A Slack integration that specifically targets the ServiceNow approvals process is one of the most useful, requested tools among organizations utilizing both Slack and ServiceNow,” said Ben Blake, senior technical consultant for Crossfuze. “Crossfuze is pleased to be able to solve this long-standing business challenge with an elegant, intuitive integration solution designed solely with the end user in mind.”

The Slack Approvals Integration is designed to prevent one of the most critical, time-sensitive responsibilities of ServiceNow approvers from being overlooked. With traditional approvals workflows, ServiceNow approvers must either stay logged into their ServiceNow instance all day or be constantly on the lookout for ServiceNow approvals-related email notifications in their cluttered email inboxes.

The Slack Approvals Integration for ServiceNow automatically notifies ServiceNow approvers within their Slack instance that an approval is needed for a ServiceNow change request or catalog item. Then, without ever switching over to ServiceNow or even being logged into ServiceNow, the ServiceNow approver can click “approve” or “reject” within their Slack instance, as well as submit comments regarding the approval decision.

Under the integration’s default settings, the approval decision and any associated comments are automatically posted to Slack for other approvers to see. Meanwhile, the decision and comments automatically flow into ServiceNow in real time.

Designed to complement ServiceNow’s own Slack integration offerings, the Slack Approvals Integration for ServiceNow expands Crossfuze’s lineup of industry-leading integration solutions for the ServiceNow platform. Crossfuze’s Quickfuze Suite also includes integrations for Salesforce, JIRA and TFS.

The Slack Approvals Integration focuses on dramatically streamlining just the ServiceNow approval step within Slack. Slack is used by two-thirds of Fortune 100 companies and has more than 10 million active daily users.

“We recognize that integration does not necessarily need to do all things for all people,” said John Ryan, Chief Marketing Officer for Crossfuze. “The Slack Approvals Integration for ServiceNow reflects Crossfuze’s commitment to delivering very focused, high-value business solutions that our customers rely on to get work done and rapidly achieve digital transformation.”

To learn more about Slack Approvals Integration for ServiceNow, reach out to Crossfuze’s Integration Team at or visit


About Crossfuze

Founded in 2000, Crossfuze is a leading ServiceNow Gold Sales and Services Partner honored multiple times, including as the ServiceNow partner with the highest customer satisfaction for the Americas and with the fastest growth in the EMEA marketplace. With over 1,800 implementations, 19 years of Enterprise Service Management experience and a global reach, Crossfuze is known for providing superior service and in-depth knowledge that enables organizations to accelerate the path to achieving their ServiceNow vision. Crossfuze also offers cost-effective, flexible managed services support for ServiceNow and Microsoft. For more information, visit and follow Crossfuze on LinkedIn and Twitter.

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