Crossfuze's Rapid Growth in Europe Recognized by ServiceNow

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To help customers deliver early and often wins with ServiceNow, Crossfuze focuses on strengthening and expanding its capabilities as a ServiceNow advisor and implementor. Sometimes we grow so fast that we turn heads internationally.      

That was the case during the ServiceNow EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) Partner Summit awards ceremony on March 6, 2019, when Crossfuze’s U.K./Ireland division was named ServiceNow’s EMEA Accelerated Growth Partner of the Year


ServiceNow recognized Crossfuze UK&I for growing business more than six times in 2018. In particular, ServiceNow cited Crossfuze’s success accelerating the acquisition of Commercial and Named accounts, as well as Crossfuze’s innovative Smart Launch for ITSM offering. 
Smart Launch guarantees implementation of ServiceNow IT Service Management and Customer Service Management in just 30 days at a fixed price. 


“All around the world, our customers are responding to our winning ServiceNow formula—expert implementation support coupled with unrivaled flexibility and a spirit of continuous innovation,” said Chris Howard, Chief Executive Officer for Crossfuze. “We couldn’t be more proud of our Crossfuze UK&I team for this well-deserved recognition.”

To learn more about the exciting momentum propelling the success of Crossfuze UK&I, we spoke to Nick McGillivray, Vice President for Crossfuze UK&I, based in London. Crossfuze UK&I was established less than two years ago and has been growing in leaps and bounds.


What do you think is the reason that Crossfuze was recognized by ServiceNow?

Nick: It all comes down to our people. We take employee engagement very seriously, and we make sure all of our new hires are culturally the right fit for Crossfuze and come in with the right attitude. I think it’s fair to say that every single person in the organization has contributed to this award. It’s a combination of good old-fashioned hard work and some smart innovations on the ServiceNow Platform. It’s a combination that has enabled us to grow quickly whilst never distracting us from customer success and satisfaction.


Why should Crossfuze customers—not just those in Europe—care about this recognition?
Nick: This award is a reflection of the fact that what we’re doing as a company is working well and we’re optimally positioned to continue investing in innovation. It’s this investment in innovation and people that allows us to continue to increase the speed to value for our customers. 


How is the ServiceNow market growing and evolving in the U.K./Ireland?
Nick: ServiceNow is now very much seen as the obvious choice for IT Service Management: If you can afford it, you want it—it’s as simple as that. Our customers are using ServiceNow for more than just the traditional IT and Customer Workflows; our customers are using this as the basis for widespread and rapid platform expansion. Demand is growing in areas like Discovery, Service Mapping, and Orchestration as part of the ServiceNow IT Operations Management platform. Companies are seeking ways to deliver value much quicker than they used to, and they’re putting very clear transition strategies in place to maximize this value. Areas of the platform that were once put on a wish list for Phase 3 or 4 are now being considered from Day 1.


ServiceNow cited Crossfuze’s Smart Launch fixed-price, 30-day go-live offering as a key reason behind Crossfuze UK&I’s growth. How are UK&I customers taking advantage of Smart Launch?
Nick: Like all Crossfuze customers, our customers in the U.K. and Ireland love that Smart Launch is a fixed-cost, best-practices solution for going live with ITSM or CSM in just 30 days. This has been revolutionary for many organizations just starting out on their ServiceNow journey. We also recognize that Smart Launch isn’t for everyone. That’s why we follow the Smart Launch strategy of speed to value for all of our customers, even when the customer doesn’t want something as prescriptive as Smart Launch. 


How are Crossfuze UK&I customers taking advantage of ServiceNow?
Nick: There are really two sides to this coin. On one side are the obvious, tangible benefits: increased productivity, efficiency, quality of service, customer retention—all things that can be quantified with an ROI target attached to them. On the flip side is something that is less easy to quantify, but just as important and perhaps more important—the employee experience. Whether it’s a new hire going through the HR onboarding lifecycle in ServiceNow, or the C-suite gaining access to actionable and timely business intelligence they never had before, these employee experiences can have a significant business impact over the medium to long term. We’re just beginning to see companies realize these benefits and accelerate ServiceNow’s growth into the next phase.


What’s next for Crossfuze UK&I?
Nick: We’re releasing new and innovative implementation offerings first half of this year focusing on areas such as CSM, PPM, and SAM--more information will be introduced about these offerings at Knowledge19 in Las Vegas. Additionally, we’re focusing on offering more tailored, value-add solutions across several verticals, from finance and legal to pharma and tech. There certainly is no foot coming off the gas. We’re going to continue bolstering the technical team we have in this region and maintain the same momentum. Our goal is to continue to grow while maintaining our reputation for class-leading service and expert resources.


To learn more about the positive difference Crossfuze UK&I is making for customers abroad, please check out this video testimonial from London-based law firm Macfarlanes LLP. Macfarlanes selected Crossfuze Smart Launch for ITSM to rapidly modernize its IT Service Management operations—and couldn’t have been more pleased with the results.


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