Crossfuze Releases New Guidebook for IT Leaders, 10 Pillars of ServiceNow Success for CIOs

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We are excited to announce the official release of our new book, 10 Pillars of ServiceNow Success for CIOs. The book is an educational resource to guide CIOs and their teams on their journey to transforming their organizations using ServiceNow. The 75-page book discusses best practices derived from more than 500 ServiceNow implementations—all aimed at optimizing the ServiceNow platform with speed, agility, and confidence.

“Stats prove that over 50% of IT projects fail and 72% of IT leaders aren’t confident in the success of platform deployments. We want to help the readers of our book to avoid being just another statistic by putting them in the right frame of mind to quickly extract maximum value out of every step of their implementation journey. A ServiceNow implementation journey requires an in-depth understanding of not just the integral features and functionality of the ServiceNow platform, but also the cultural dynamics that directly impact the success or failure of the platform’s roadmap.” –Chris Howard, Crossfuze CEO


The book reinforces that ServiceNow success isn’t just about the technical aspects of deploying ServiceNow. Long-term, sustainable success comes from knowing how to strategically navigate internal company politics, juggle competing project priorities, get over the hurdle of funding limitations, manage unrealistic expectations, combat user resistance to change, and prepare for unexpected obstacles and setbacks.

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And, when you’re done reading it, come back to this page and let us know what you thought of it. Want to talk about anything ServiceNow?

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