How Law Firms Raise the Bar on IT Service Delivery

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In the evolving realm of law firm operations, the demands for heightened efficiency, improved service quality, and rigorous risk management are more prevalent than ever. Achieving excellence in service delivery is more than a necessity - it’s a competitive imperative.  

Learn how law firms like yours leveraged our proficiency as a ServiceNow Elite Partner to transform their IT operations, unlocking new layers of operational efficiency and resilience using ServiceNow.

Shifting IT Service Delivery From a Support Center to an Innovation Center 

Consider the case of one of the prestigious law firms that looked to us to help them refine IT service management. With a global clientele and a burgeoning caseload, their existing solution was no longer efficient in meeting their intricate demands. 

In response to these challenges, the law firm experts at Crossfuze led a ServiceNow implementation that met the firm’s specific needs. Instead of starting with the usual IT service management, Crossfuze identified asset management and change management as optimal starting points. Their attention to detail allowed the firm to achieve speedy workflow automation, which enhanced accuracy and quality and ultimately revolutionized how their IT team communicates and collaborates.  

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This partnership transformed the perception of the IT team within the firm. Seen initially as a support department, the IT department earned a reputation as a team of innovators, helping streamline and automate tasks in other areas of the organization. The firm credits Crossfuze for helping conceptualize, implement, and manage a ServiceNow ecosystem that enabled transformational change. The ServiceNow dashboard presented complex IT data in a more business-friendly format,  reduced time spent on administrative tasks and improved client casework. 

Reducing Error and Improving the Employee Experience 

A large traditional law firm was up against deeply ingrained and manual legacy ‘starters, movers, and leavers’ process, but the risk of human error was ever-present and sizeable. Critical tasks such as disabling departed employees’ accounts and organizing thorough setups for incoming staff were susceptible to mishaps. Our mastery of the ServiceNow platform allowed us to revolutionize this workflow and usher in a higher efficiency standard.  

This evolution ensures the moment staff enters information into the HR database. ServiceNow springs into action, distributing tasks to the appropriate departments reducing misteps and restoring tranquility to employees who no longer have to contend with missing equipment or incorrect setups. 

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Automating IT Functions for Improved Efficiency 

In another scenario, a large law firm struggled with an influx of repetitive, mundane IT tasks that consumed their staff’s valuable time. By introducing ServiceNow ITOM, we automated these recurring tasks and liberated the firm’s team to focus on strategic, high-value tasks that demanded their expertise. The automation replaced manual chores with efficient, error-free automated processes, - increasing productivity and optimizing workforce utilization. 

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Each scenario makes the case for ServiceNow to be a crucial element in transforming law firms’ IT service management. The Now Platform offers robust capabilities suited to law firms of all scales and specializations – from asset management and real-time visibility to employee on/offboarding automation and enhanced service delivery. 

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, we take pride in fully optimizing ServiceNow in alignment with your unique goals and requirements. Trust in our prestigious partnership to expertly guide you through this transformation journey, ensuring a seamless transition toward enhanced IT operations and delivering significant value. Isn’t it time we revolutionized your IT operations together, with ServiceNow leading the way? 

Automate Your Law Firm with Crossfuze, a ServiceNow Elite Partner

Leveraging ServiceNow to boost your law firm’s profitability and client satisfaction is a strategic decision that delivers quantifiable results. 

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner and a proud Business Partner of the International Legal Technology Association, Crossfuze has extensive experience implementing ServiceNow solutions for law firms throughout the world. We’re in it for the long term, ready to assist you with whatever implementations, modifications, or configurations you need to further automate your firm.

Visit our website to learn more about Crossfuze and what we can do in the legal sector.


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