How ServiceNow Workflows are Built Across Enterprise Software

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ESM is the new ITSM.  

Enterprise Service Management platforms like ServiceNow fundamentally changed the business landscape. From initial customer contact through the final transaction, any business that can be found on the internet can do business with anyone anywhere. Some would argue that today, every company is a technology company. And they’re not wrong. 

The rise of platforms like ServiceNow means organizations can get work done faster and more effectively - whether their office occupies an entire city block or teams are distributed throughout the world. 

With humble beginnings as a ticketing tool, ServiceNow workflows have transformed the platform efficiency at the service desk to create efficiencies in every part of the organization. ServiceNow’s Enterprise Service Management platform integrates departmental platforms from IT to HR to Customer Service – creating a better employee experience and a better customer experience. The platform boosts productivity, facilitates communication and collaboration, and delivers ROI – with minimal disruption to your organization's operations. 

ServiceNow integrations don’t replace departmental software. They streamline it. Software platforms like Microsoft 365 or Salesforce are configured onto the ServiceNow platform through integration spokes – eliminating departmental siloes and creating efficiencies for teams. 

Analysts get a birds-eye view of the business through a dashboard that pulls data from all the organization’s software platforms onto a single pane of glass – eliminating time spent toggling between multiple programs to collect data on the health of the business. Departmental leaders resolve anomalies and inefficiencies faster because workflows capture them in real-time. 

Designed to keep pace with today’s rapidly transforming digital landscape, ServiceNow integrations are agile enough to allow for flexibility – whether your business needs to scale up or scale back. And they’re designed to work with your existing software. 

Let’s take a look at the biggies. 

ServiceNow Integrations 


HR Service Delivery Integration 

Synchronizes employee profiles and tasks from Workday into ServiceNow HR Service Delivery on a regular schedule and displayed as to-dos in the ServiceNow Employee Service Center. 

Workday Financial Spoke 

The financial spoke creates and updates purchase orders between ServiceNow and Workday Financials. Allows financial teams to create and look up suppliers, invoices and fixed assets. Employees can also submit, look up or cancel purchase orders through this integration. 

Integrates with ServiceNow to create and update Purchase Orders between ServiceNow and Workday Financials. The integration allows financial teams to create and look up suppliers, invoices and fixed assets as well as submitting, looking up and canceling purchase orders. 


Salesforce has become the go-to platform for sales teams as they contact leads and develop relationships with key people throughout the sales cycle. Developed by Crossfuze, the SalesForce Integration Application is designed to scale to large data sets with minimal load to either system.  


ServiceNow customers who also use Slack can streamline approvals with the Slack integration. This integration enables ServiceNow users to approve change requests and catalog items from inside Slack – without ever logging into ServiceNow. 

ServiceNow approval requests happen 92% faster using this integration. 

Beyond these three, Crossfuze works with companies on JIRA, ServiceNow eBonding and Microsoft Intune integrations. But the integrations don’t stop there. In a nutshell,  

With ServiceNow integrations, you can create custom workflows for your enterprise out-of-the-box – making upgrades fast and easy. 

Crossfuze’s deep experience building workflows across organizations with ServiceNow includes integrations currently available on the ServiceNow store. If you’d like more information about how Crossfuze can help you break down siloes and improve efficiencies through enterprise service management, reach out at 

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