Introducing Crossfuze Extend: A Revolution in ServiceNow Management, Delivered with Expertise and Ease

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Once upon a time, we met an organization that needed help. Their ServiceNow operations were bottlenecked. Talented professionals who understood the platform were hard to find and harder to retain. Those they had trained had moved on, and their backlog was growing at an alarming rate. They were keen to expand their platform, but they needed a very particular set of skills—that elusive fusion of business insight and technical prowess. Their journey seemed dauntingly complex. 


Enter: Crossfuze Extend

The Crossfuze team recognized this was not an unusual story among organizations that used ServiceNow. So the team came together to ask: How can we create a model that allows us to help our clients keep these challenges at bay? How can we help them keep their ServiceNow environment working and improving in an ongoing, sustainable way? 


Out of those conversations came Extend 


Extend is a new service and support model we've built with customers like you in mind, allowing you to expand your reach by seamlessly leveraging Crossfuze expertise.  


>>> Video: See how Crossfuze is using ServiceNow ITSM to modernize employee engagement and experiences by clicking here <<<


Here’s how: 

  • A seasoned ServiceNow expert with a deep understanding of your environment acts as your single point of contact for all interactions, advice, and oversight 
  • Our streamlined processes ensure that tasks are completed swiftly while maintaining the high standards you expect 
  • We’ll support and expand your growth journey by tapping into a variety of skillsets and specializations as you need them 
  • You’ll spend less time on routine tasks and more time focusing on bigger initiatives 

In other words, it’s a way to make Crossfuze an extension of your own team, giving you a sustainable way to keep your ServiceNow engine humming. 


An Answer to Your Questions - Why Extend?

Finding the perfect ServiceNow talent can feel like searching for a quantum physics scholar at a horse race. It's tough, costly, and retaining them might feel near impossible. Your backlog starts to seem like a mountain you can't possibly climb. You're drowning under the demand. Expanding your platform requires niche knowledge—an uncanny combination of business and technical acuity. We hear you, and we've got just the solution. 


How Crossfuze Extend Fits into Your Puzzle

With Crossfuze Extend, you'll have a dedicated team of ServiceNow talent at your disposal. Led by a Senior Technical Lead, they will collaborate closely with you to understand your unique business needs, tailoring their services to seamlessly integrate with your operations, providing real-time updates, transparent reporting, and open communication, ensuring you retain control while we handle the details.  


>>> Video: See how Crossfuze is using ServiceNow ITSM to modernize employee engagement and experiences by clicking here <<<


The Crossfuze Extend Advantage

Why does Extend work so well for our clients? Let me count the ways: 

Efficiency Redefined: Crossfuze Extend optimizes operational efficiency, reducing the time spent on routine tasks and freeing you to make strategic decisions. 

Access to Expertise: Our team of seasoned experts act as an extension of your team, ready to seamlessly integrate with your business and handle diverse tasks, enabling you to focus on your strengths. 

Built for Growth: With the flexibility to tap into a variety of skillsets and specializations, Crossfuze Extend is purpose-built to support and expand with your growth journey. 

Cost-Effective: Outsourcing to Crossfuze is a cost-effective alternative to in-house teams. Save on recruitment, training, and operational overhead, reallocating resources for strategic investments. 

Confidence and Peace of Mind: Trust us with critical elements of your business and enjoy peace of mind knowing experienced professionals are managing your operations. 


The Happy Ending is Within Reach

Fast-forward to today, that initially overwhelmed organization can't stop raving about Crossfuze Extend. They found not just a solution, but a partner who nurtured and transformed their ServiceNow operations, providing the strategic guidance they craved. Their backlog? It's under control. They're expanding their platform confidently, backed by our expertise. Where once they saw daunting complexity, they now see potential.  


If you’re looking for a trusted partner to ensure quality, flexibility, and measurable results fueled by an array of ServiceNow expertise, you can experience this story for yourself—embrace Crossfuze Extend. 

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