Our 5 Favorite Features from the New ServiceNow Utah Release

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One of the best things about ServiceNow is how well it improves to address the latest needs across industries, continuously providing the best experiences possible for end users and their customers. With each new release to the platform, users access greater capabilities to help them make work work as smoothly as possible.


The 5 Features We Love in ServiceNow Utah

We couldn’t be more excited to see that the latest improvement to the platform, the ServiceNow Utah release, has officially landed! This new release is full of thrilling new features and improvements, all designed to empower your organization to further improve the user experience, automate processes, and maximize your investments. From new applications to fixes for existing instances, let’s explore five of the best features to keep your eye on as you prepare for your upgrade to Utah.


1. Theme Builder

Among the most exciting new capabilities in the ServiceNow Utah release is the new Theme Builder, which makes it easy to develop and manage branded themes that capture users’ interest. This powerful new application allows administrators and application creators to create a custom theme in ServiceNow. And, the easy-to-use app enables creators to choose colors, upload a logo, and preview how it looks in the Next Experience.

Along those lines, Theme Builder offers unified theming, establishing a single visual experience across all user experiences like web portals and mobile applications. The dark mode is also much easier to access, as users can now choose it in the classic UI instead of through a workspace. With only a few clicks, users can convert their entire instance to dark mode, making it easier on the eyes.


2.  Enhanced Virtual Agent

For a while now, the Virtual Agent application has provided essential, intuitive user assistance. With the ServiceNow Utah release, it’s received a makeover. Now, users can automate topic testing for topic flows in the Virtual Agent Designer, integrate multiple instances within one Slack workspace, and set up Proactive Triggers to receive pop-up messages based on the chat conversation. 

Teams can now use the Proactive Triggers feature to connect to appropriate topics, improving end-user experiences with Virtual Agent through these enhancements. Additionally, it improves communication between the user and the system, as you can let users know if there are any unread messages waiting for them.


3. App Engine Studio Improvements

With ServiceNow App Engine Studio, creators seamlessly build applications to meet your organization’s immediate needs. This application has been enhanced in the Utah release to allow users to improve the app development pipeline. First, the improved App Engine Studio allows users to build apps to facilitate the easy request of internal services using the new Service Request Management Template. Your team can also control access to features with more granular roles and manage requests, pipelines, and instance metrics from a redesigned management center (AEMC). 

Additionally, the ServiceNow Utah release offers the new table schema view in App Engine Studio, which shows clear relationships between tables. This allows users to explore data relationships for their application data—something particularly useful when creating or editing an application.


4. Streamlined Customer Service Management

ServiceNow’s Customer Service Management application also received several enhancements in the Utah release. First, Omnichannel Callback enables customers to request callbacks from an agent as soon as possible or schedule one for a later date. Instead of waiting in the queue for an available agent for who knows how long, this callback functionality allows users to work on other tasks and return once an agent is available. 

Additionally, users can utilize service definitions to connect products, services, and case types. Customize the support types you’d like to offer for each product and service, then seamlessly create case types that support products or services that are requested. 

Along with these new features, ServiceNow CSM has also been enhanced with case task improvements, an AI Search application, and proactive customer service plugins. 


5. Improved Flow Designer Capabilities

With each recent ServiceNow version upgrade, Flow Designer becomes more powerful. ServiceNow Utah further improved the Flow Designer experience by welcoming additional functionality. Configurations are easier to create than ever before, as users can convert flow actions into a subflow with the press of a button—even if you’ve completed 20 steps of a flow before wanting to repurpose it to a sub-flow.

On top of how easy converting a flow to a subflow is, the ServiceNow Utah release shows you exactly how the conversion will impact your flow and allows you to test it before accepting any changes. The Action Designer even displays whether a flow or subflow is active, reducing the need for error correction or testing time in the future.


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