Get to Pro: 4 Ways ServiceNow ITSM Pro Predictive Intelligence Empowers Your Staff with Greater Productivity and Experiences

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As technology becomes more advanced, it empowers organizations to implement digital workflows and create great experiences for customers. But it’s not all good news: Accelerated digital transformation also brings higher workloads and expectations for employees. 

IT staff are buried in the need to adapt quickly, reduce costs, and increase productivity. According to a study from Yerbo, high burnout is driving 42 percent of IT workers to consider quitting their company in the next six months. Sixty-two percent of IT professionals are “physically and emotionally drained.” And challenges aren’t getting easier. As solutions develop, so do cybersecurity threats, resulting in greater stress and less reward.


Predictive Intelligence with ServiceNow ITSM Pro

While many organizations struggle to keep up with digital transformation efforts, doing it well could make the difference between happy employees and the chronic dissatisfaction of a poor work culture. For example, ServiceNow ITSM Pro offers companies an opportunity to drive greater experiences through Predictive Intelligence, a feature that provides intuitive automation and even more seamless workflows. Let’s explore four specific ways this powerful AI tool empowers your staff with better experiences.


Empower Communication Across Departments, Locations, and Languages

Not only is remote work here to stay but will also increase throughout 2023. While the benefits of having teams spread across times and places are plentiful, seamless communication between team members continues to be difficult. Effective communication remains one of the biggest challenges in the remote work environment. Sixteen percent of employees report difficulty in collaborating with team members. And while lack of human connection could spark some issues, it can be especially difficult to address language barriers. 

Natural language processing offered by ServiceNow ITSM Pro’s Predictive Intelligence allows your teams to communicate and access support within the language with which they are most comfortable. Plus, the instance is built with international language support, where you can assign a language to the machine-learning solution. Even if you don’t speak Japanese, French, or Dutch, you can provide the data, insights, and recommendations your team needs to drive success and find satisfaction while working.


Connect to Analytics for Real-Time Insights

Dashboards and reporting are key to employee satisfaction. How else will you know if your processes are working for your team? ITSM Pro’s built-in analytics provide real-time insights into your machine-learning-powered improvements, enabling you to check in at every step of the way and adapt as needed. The dashboards provide a graphical view of prediction trends, showing how they impact your business and improve service efficiency. Measured service impact ensures you know exactly how each investment improves your workflows. 

Through ITSM Pro, you can monitor monthly prediction coverage and accuracy trends to significantly decrease resolution times across the organization and increase the number of issues resolved. Best of all, it reduces mundane, low-value tasks like sifting through requests and enables you to present your employees with a more meaningful way to work.


Access Pre-Built Templates for Proven Success

On top of managing tech implementation, digital transformation requires a consistent and adaptable understanding of best practices. ServiceNow ITSM Pro supplies your team with a framework of best practices to streamline entire workflows at your organization, as well as the digital transformation itself. Predictive Intelligence, with pre-built machine learning templates included in its interface, enables your teams to build in an easy and accessible way. 

As your team adapts to ITSM Pro, they can streamline their tasks using these templates to ensure they aren’t overworked throughout the transition. Plus, they’re able to prioritize the human side of digital transformation and provide resources for the rest of your staff. When they don’t have to worry about perfecting every menial task along the way, tackling the biggest barriers provides a meaningful challenge for your capable employees.


Solve Issues Quickly with Smart Suggestions

Employees spend approximately 22 minutes every day dealing with IT-related issues, adding up to about 91 hours a year. Imagine if all these issues passed through your IT department first. The stress and time required to handle each request—even the smallest issue—would leave them overwhelmed and unable to focus on continuous improvement. 

Even without this extreme, your team is likely spending far too much time resolving issues when they could be driving growth at your organization. AI-powered capabilities from ServiceNow ITSM Pro save significant time resolving each issue. Features expedite the issue assignment process, getting it to the right team right away and helping your team ensure effective governance and compliance every step of the way. Predictive Intelligence learns with your team, consistently offering the smartest suggestions based on your environment. It even helps IT staff identify and detect possible incidents by analyzing similarities between open cases.


Are You Ready to Innovate with ServiceNow ITSM Pro?

If you’re searching for a ServiceNow Partner to help you implement and/or manage ServiceNow ITSM Pro, Crossfuze offers the best of both worlds. As an enterprise ServiceNow Elite Partner, Crossfuze has the deep industry experience you need, making it a top 1 percent partner for delivering long-term, consistent success globally. Crossfuze is also small enough to give your business the careful attention it deserves. We can even help you integrate the entire ITSM Pro suite in as little as six weeks.

Don’t sacrifice any aspect of comprehensive ServiceNow support: Reach out to us at to learn more.

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