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ServiceNow is the gold standard of IT service management (ITSM) for a reason. With its comprehensive cloud-based framework and continuously evolving model, organizations have found a game-changing solution that allows them to manage everything from incident management to HR and customer service under one roof. In fact, there is a 195 percent ROI for customers using ITSM, Performance Analytics, and ITOM—in just three years. 

Now organizations can get even more out of their investments with ServiceNow ITSM Pro. As the need for agile and personalized services grows, enterprises should adapt their solutions with data-driven automation. ITSM Pro teams do that and more through powerful capabilities. Let’s explore the key differences between ITSM and ITSM Pro and the key benefits for any organization looking to prioritize agility and provide better outcomes.


The ITSM Pro Difference

There are a few differences between ServiceNow ITSM Pro and ITSM, with the most transformative of them being greater machine learning and automation capabilities. Compared to standard ITSM, Pro provides customers with the following eight applications:

  • Predictive Intelligence
  • Virtual Agent
  • Performance Analytics
  • Continual Improvement Management
  • Service Owner Workspace
  • Vendor Management Workspace
  • DevOps Change
  • Dynamic Translation

Offering machine learning, chat bots, and powerful analytics, these tools elevate your organization’s service experience with digitized service delivery, boosted employee productivity, quicker resolution of incidents, and predictive capabilities. Such powerful capabilities offer your organization transformative results. Let’s take a closer look at three benefits of ServiceNow ITSM Pro that can make a big impact on your business results.


Handle and Utilize Big Data

The details are in the data, and organizations from all industries realize it. In fact, 95 percent of companies report that the need to manage data is a problem for their business. While gathering data has never been easier, it has become more challenging—and imperative—for every organization to handle effectively. With the right data, organizations can make better decisions, identify roadblocks, and solve problems. On the other hand, inaccurate or excessive data can weigh down a company with irrelevant information. The responsibility to sort, categorize, and analyze data has become essential to success, requiring more time, energy, and resources from your team.

ServiceNow ITSM Pro empowers organizations to focus on other responsibilities by managing your big data for you. With two powerful artificial intelligence capabilities—Predictive Intelligence and Virtual Agent—data can be processed, sorted, and analyzed more accurately in less time, helping your team cut down on repetitive tasks and focus on growth and proactivity.


Boost Productivity and Efficiency, Minimize Errors

Customer expectations for a nearly perfect IT experience are mounting. To deliver on these expectations, response workflows need to be seamless. From assignment to resolution, each step of the process must be handled and handed off as quickly and smoothly as possible. However, ensuring an uninterrupted process is not an easy task. Workflows can easily become weighed down by inefficient task assignments and poor prioritization. And when workflows don’t work efficiently, incident response times can increase, resolution becomes convoluted, and the risk of error goes up dramatically. 

ServiceNow ITSM Pro provides teams with intelligent prioritization and routing through a layer of automation across all applications. Machine learning empowers teams to resolve problems quicker and find better solutions for common problems. Then, the Predictive Intelligence tool uses this information to categorize, route, and assign IT tickets to relevant categories, then alerts agents to suggested resolutions. Creating a seamless workflow for incident response, these tools allow your team to address tickets quicker than ever. Plus, it learns as it works. If an algorithm mistakenly assigns a ticket to the wrong category and it’s fixed, the model changes all future actions.


Use Insights to Elevate the Employee Experience


With more data to analyze than ever before, gaining visibility into the right information to empower your business can be challenging to say the least. But this insight is essential to making the best business decisions possible. How are you supposed to make better choices without the data to back it up?

ServiceNow ITSM Pro ensures you have access to the real-time visibility needed to analyze the success of your business at an operational, strategic, and individual level. Between dashboards, time charts, and scorecards, team members can visualize the direct impact of their decisions. Agents can even access in-depth views of each service ticket. One tool in particular allows this visibility into your process: Performance Analytics.

Performance Analytics provides service agents with the data they need to deliver the best experiences possible by offering a single, objective way to resolve an issue. These analytics are comprehensive, easy to understand and keep pace as services continue to adapt based on expectations. As agents gain access to actionable data, metrics, and KPIs, they can use it to align with big-picture objectives while optimizing processes.

Utilizing ITSM is the first step to providing your organization with the essential automation, data, and visibility it needs to guarantee an excellent experience for customers and employees. With ServiceNow ITSM Pro, the benefits we’ve discussed here are just the beginning to the results your company could access through one powerful interface.


Are You Ready to Innovate with ServiceNow ITSM Pro?

If you’re searching for a ServiceNow Partner to help you implement and/or manage ServiceNow ITSM Pro, Crossfuze offers the best of both worlds. As an enterprise ServiceNow Elite Partner, Crossfuze has the deep industry experience you need, making it a top one percent partner for delivering long-term, consistent success globally. Crossfuze is also small enough to give your business the careful attention it deserves. We can even help you integrate the entire ITSM Pro suite in as little as six weeks. 

Don’t sacrifice any aspect of comprehensive support: Reach out to us at to learn more.

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