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Novice to expert: One company’s journey to get the most out of ServiceNow

Thousands of customers have jumped on the ServiceNow bandwagon to streamline and automate the management of their workplace services. From Day 1, these companies gain access to powerful capabilities and functionalities. But how does a ServiceNow novice use all of these features strategically to achieve enterprise-wide transformation rapidly and at minimal risk?


Integration Partners is one company that made the leap from ServiceNow novice to ServiceNow expert with elegance and speed. This IT collaboration and networking services engineering firm used ServiceNow to achieve measurable gains in productivity and competitiveness for its clients. During a live Crossfuze webinar on March 7, 2018, Michelle Brockney, Director of Business Operations for Integration Partners, will be sharing this remarkable success story.


Whether you’re new to ServiceNow or a veteran of the platform, you won’t want to miss hearing about the innovative, creative approaches that Integration Partners has taken to adapt out-of-the-box ServiceNow functionality to optimally meet business needs. Michelle will discuss how to overcome early-stage obstacles and risks, how to maintain focus on improving the customer experience, and how a win-worthy ServiceNow implementation can play out in the real world. Here is a preview of some of the key stepping stones to success that Michelle will discuss during the webinar:


  1. Proving out the value of ServiceNow: Integration Partners began its ServiceNow implementation journey in 2013 by working to prove out the value of ServiceNow across the organization. Integration Partners already was a successful company with satisfied clients, but Michelle recognized that the company had two key pain points it was looking to solve. First, the company needed a better way to manage and prioritize tasks. With a ratio of five engineers to every salesperson, Integration Partners is a company that relies on automation and efficiency to scale and maintain marketplace competitiveness. Second, Michelle recognized that as Integration Partners’ customers increasingly gained a comfort level operating in the cloud, the company would need to provide its customers with more visibility and control over their environments.
  2. Selecting the right implementation partner: Because of the specialized technical nature of Integration Partners’ core business, the company knew it would need to make significant customizations and enhancements to ServiceNow to make it viable. Furthermore, the company could not afford to have a protracted, obstacle-laden rollout that could create internal skepticism and doubt. Michelle selected Crossfuze as the company’s ServiceNow integration partner because of Crossfuze’s deep understanding of ServiceNow architecture and our documented history of managing complex, high-stakes implementations.
  3. Developing a vision and implementation roadmap: As Integration Partners worked with Crossfuze to implement ServiceNow, the implementation team was guided by a master vision of what success would look like—a vision that was complemented by an implementation roadmap. These two tools were instrumental in keeping the team focused on the most important end-game goals, and preventing divergent factions from pulling the company’s ServiceNow implementation in different directions.
  4. Thinking outside the box to get more out of ServiceNow: Returning to the original selling points that convinced Integration Partners to embrace ServiceNow, Michelle’s top priority was to figure out how to extract maximum value out of ServiceNow. Her first light-bulb moment was recognizing that ServiceNow is intelligent software with tremendous potential to automate monitoring and troubleshooting within Integration Partners’ complex client environments. Michelle’s second light-bulb moment was recognizing the value of offering Integration Partners clients a user-friendly portal through which to monitor and keep tabs on their systems.
  5. Connecting the internal with the external: One of the greatest strengths of ServiceNow is its ability to connect workflows and processes across the organization. But that’s not the limit of this interconnectivity. ServiceNow also can connect outside users. Integration Partners took advantage of this powerful feature to create a self-service portal that lets its clients peer into the performance of client systems being managed by Integration Partners. The client-side portal includes a user-friendly dashboard with color-coded indicators of system health. And best of all, the company’s internal ServiceNow platform serves as the system of record that automatically populates all of this client-side information.


To learn more about the runaway implementation success that Integration Partners has experienced with ServiceNow, be sure to view our on-demand webinar.  Registration is free. Integration Partners and Crossfuze are looking forward to you joining us for this insightful discussion.

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