Must-read Resources While Evaluating ServiceNow

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Are you considering investing in the ServiceNow platform for your organization? Or have you recently invested in the ServiceNow platform and want to make sure you get the most from your investment? Put away your search engine of choice, because we’ve done all the research for you. Here's a handy list of resources to help you learn more about ServiceNow. Take a look:


About ServiceNow & Getting Started:


ServiceNow Partners:

ServiceNow Implementation & Onboarding:

ServiceNow Training & Certification:

ServiceNow New York Release:


Crossfuze has helped nearly 2,000 organizations quickly unlock the transformational power of their ServiceNow platform - that’s experience you won’t find elsewhere. If we can help you with ServiceNow beyond this handy list of resources, reach out to us at and let’s talk!


Human Resource Service Management Excellence

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If you’re evaluating ServiceNow, you want to keep this hot list of helpful resources handy!

If You’re Evaluating ServiceNow, You Need The Resources.

ServiceNow IT Service Management vs Customer Service Management

Prior to the Istanbul release, the only option for serving external customers with ServiceNow was to engineer the ITSM platform for that purpose....

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