In the News: ServiceNow, Microsoft Unite to Revolutionize the Way Government Works

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9 July, 2019

Microsoft and ServiceNow today announced an expansion of their strategic partnership. ServiceNow has selected Microsoft Azure as their preferred cloud platform to deliver their full SaaS experience, enabling government and other highly regulated customers to leverage ServiceNow to accelerate their digital transformation.

By partnering with Microsoft, ServiceNow can leverage the most comprehensive set of security and compliance offerings available without the need for customers to go through an extensive compliance review.

By collaborating on next-generation experiences, Microsoft and ServiceNow can combine their best-in-class technology to bring further cognitive services and intelligence to products across the Now Platform with Microsoft 365 and Azure.

As experts in both Microsoft and ServiceNow, Crossfuze has years of proven expertise in implementing both ServiceNow and the Microsoft cloud solutions. We have helped numerous local and state government agencies drive their cloud strategy and enable their digital transformation.


A Strategic Move

As one of the only Gold partners specializing in both Microsoft Cloud Solutions and the ServiceNow platform, we’ve seen the unique challenges that government agencies face when looking for a cloud provider. Most SaaS providers are unable to meet the rigorous security and compliance needs required by these highly regulated industries, thus forcing them to use outdated, on-premises software packages.

Azure Government is designed to address the performance and compliance needs of U.S. government customers and their partners. It enables innovation with deeply integrated cloud services, data and advanced analytics, and an open application platform that provides the building blocks to rapidly develop, deploy and manage intelligent solutions.

ServiceNow’s decision to partner with Azure Government is a huge breakthrough for these highly regulated industries which have, until now, had an incredible challenge in embracing cloud technology. This will bring easier access to the level of workflow automation they’ve brought to the private sector for years.  


Unlocking New Security Features

In addition to the Intelligent Security Graph, Advanced Identity Protection and Analytics, and other security features that Commercial Azure relies upon to keep their cloud environment secure, Azure Government takes that a step farther by ensuring that all datacenters are:

  1. Located in the U.S. 
  2. Accessible only by U.S. citizen personnel that have been through extensive background screening
  3. Certified by DISA
  4. Audited more frequently

Microsoft currently defends against seven trillion cyberthreats every day. To do this, they budget over $1 billion each year to cybersecurity, most of which is allocated to innovating and staying ahead of the ever-changing threat landscape.

"Ninety percent of my threat landscape starts with a human, either maliciously or inadvertently, making a mistake that somehow compromises security," said Matthew Rathbun, Azure Government CISO, in a recent TechRepublic article. Because of this, he is driving his team to reduce human touchpoints in every area they can which provides a more secure, intelligent cloud for government customers.

Microsoft is so confident in this expanded partnership and ServiceNow’s mission to accelerate digital transformation, they are rolling out ServiceNow’s IT & Employee Experience workflow products across their own business to improve operations, enhance employee experiences, and deliver stronger business outcomes.

In the early stages of this partnership, ServiceNow will be available in the United States through Azure Government and Australia through Azure Regions. Additional markets will be available in the future.


For more information on how this partnership impacts your organization or how you can start leveraging the power of ServiceNow through Azure Government, send us an email at

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