ServiceNow’s Emergency Apps, Services for COVID-19 Are Ready For You

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ServiceNow's Emergency Apps for COVID-19 Coronavirus


ServiceNow and Crossfuze are partners in our work to curb the spread of the global coronavirus outbreak.

There are three new no-cost ServiceNow apps designed with the purpose of helping your organization fight COVID-19. Additionally, there is one new no-cost ServiceNow app for State and Local Agencies.

All of these Emergency apps are at no cost from ServiceNow until September 30, 2020.


This article allows you to take three immediate steps:

  1. Watch ServiceNow’s Emergency Apps Demos
  2. Download each app from ServiceNow’s App Store
  3. Contact Crossfuze to deepen your understanding or implement and configure the apps
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To learn more or to implement these emergency apps, reach out to Crossfuze:




Watch the ServiceNow Emergency Apps Demos and Download:

Emergency Outreach Report


Enables employers to quickly notify employees of important information in the event of an emergency, such as COVID-19. It also provides a simple response interface for employees to self-report their health status to ensure employee safety and anticipate staffing gaps. Graphical dashboards make it easy for employers to monitor status.

Click here to get the "Emergency Outreach Report" App Now



Emergency Self Report Management 

During a crisis, the ServiceNow® Emergency Self Report application enables employees to notify their employer of their health status. An application helps the employee safely return to work. It is part of a group of apps built on the Now Platform® to assist companies in their emergency response efforts.

Click here to get the "Emergency Self Report Management" App Now


Emergency Exposure Management

Enables organizations to identify employees who may have been exposed to infectious diseases, such as the COVID-19 virus, by analyzing an impacted employee's meetings and locations.

Click here to get the "Emergency Exposure Management" App Now


Emergency Response Operations (State and Local Agencies)

Initially created by the Washington State Department of Health, this ServiceNow application helps state and local government agencies to optimize their resources in critical locations during emergencies such as the COVID-19 pandemic or other events. This application automates the role assignment and resource activation during the incident planning process.

Click here to get the "Emergency Response Operations" App Now


To learn more or to implement these emergency apps, contact Crossfuze at, and ask us about Crossfuze Aid.

Please know Crossfuze is ready to help and are working with ServiceNow and have been working with the apps to ensure their performance. Crossfuze will continue to be vigilant in our approach to working with you and ServiceNow in regard to COVID-19.

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