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Most customer-facing enterprises are good, if not excellent, at customer engagement and relationship building. While those two aspects are important for success, delivering solutions that diagnose and permanently fix root causes of customer issues are also essential to success. And if you are like most businesses, you probably struggle with delivering the previously mentioned solutions.

What impedes your company from delivering those solutions previously mentioned? Perhaps the following scenario sounds familiar: Your customer-service team is facing a growing volume of service requests across multiple, disconnected engagement channels. Your agents are also under pressure to reduce operational costs, all while being required to use those disconnected systems and addressing the same problems day-after-day. At the same time, customers are frustrated because service agents are unable to efficiently diagnose issues and effectively resolve them.

This results in lower customer satisfaction scores and retention issues. What’s more frustrating is that insights and visibility into the reasons people are contacting customer service are limited. To compound the problem, cross-company investigation of customer problems and collaborative analysis and problem-solving doesn’t exist. All of the previously detailed problems result in customer service functioning in a reactive mode. This equation means there is high-cost service delivery and low customer satisfaction.

While this sounds like a worst-case scenario, many enterprises most likely face one if not multiple of the challenges described earlier. The ServiceNow Customer Service Management application can help you connect customer service with other departments to identify and resolve issues faster, reduce costs, and increase satisfaction.


Here are five ways the ServiceNow CSM application can improve your service delivery:

  1. Increase Customer Satisfaction: This is accomplished by providing online self-service options with integrated knowledge management and communities.
  2. Reduce Service Costs: Minimizing costs is achieved through driving efficiencies by automating tasks for customer issues with the Service Catalog.
  3. Improve Agent and Field Tech Productivity: This is where delivering service as a “team sport” by connecting customer service with field service is implemented.
  4. Increase Revenue: Growth in revenue can be realized by monitoring service patterns to identify opportunities to automate common solutions. 
  5. Improve Product or Service Quality: The Internet of Things is a useful tool to identify service and product issues before they affect customers. 


Crossfuze has further optimized the customer-service management service provided by ServiceNow with the CSM Quickfuze™ application. This solution is designed to dramatically accelerate configuration of your CSM platform.

If you found this post informative, you won’t want to miss Crossfuze’s upcoming webinar, “ServiceNow & CSM: Raising CSAT while Reducing Costs,” on November 15, 2017, at 2 PM,  EST. During this free webinar, there will be two different presenters. Shawn Willson (Director of Sales at Crossfuze) and Christopher Mills (Senior Director of Sales–WW Customer Service Management (CSM) at ServiceNow) will discuss how ServiceNow helps deliver effortless service, how to focus your organization on being customer-centric, and how to take a proactive approach to service.

To register for this event, which is part of Crossfuze’s Services Reimagined Webinar Series, please go to https://www.crossfuze.com/servicenow-csm/.

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