What's New in Customer Service Management with ServiceNow's Vancouver Release

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ServiceNow's latest release, Vancouver, for Q3 2023, is now available in general availability. It brings a host of exciting features and improvements to Customer Service Management (CSM) across various licensing models. In this blog post, we'll explore some of the key highlights for each licensing level.

Standard: Enhancements for Streamlined Operations

  1. Case Task Service Selector: This handy feature allows users to create predefined templated case tasks based on the product or service associated with the case record. Whether you're working on an existing case or creating a new one, this feature streamlines task creation, saving valuable time and reducing manual effort.

  2. Email Experience: The "Email Experience" feature is a game-changer. It eliminates the need to switch windows/ to send emails while working on a case. This integrated email capability within the main agent workspace record offers full email functionality, including addressing, HTML editing, and saving drafts. It's a powerful tool that enhances efficiency.

Professional: Empowering with AI

  1. Now Assist for Search: ServiceNow has integrated AI search capabilities into both the portal and virtual agent, offering improved search results and a better customer service experience. AI-driven search results can help customers find solutions faster, ultimately leading to increased customer satisfaction.

  2. Chat/Case Summarize & Wrap Up: This feature is a productivity booster for agents. Instead of spending valuable time summarizing interactions and updating cases manually after calls or chats, generative AI does it automatically. It not only saves time but also ensures accurate resolution codes and notation for cases, streamlining the entire process.

Enterprise: Advanced Insights for Management

  1. Workforce Optimization – Channels: Within workspaces, the "Channels" overview page offers real-time metrics for different communication channels, such as phone, chat, and cases. These metrics include average interactions, handling time, and agent availability. Managers can view this data either by queue or by agent, making it easy to assess agent capacity, utilization, and channel-specific performance.
ServiceNow's Vancouver release is packed with features that enhance customer service management across all licensing models. From streamlining case tasks and improving email experiences to leveraging AI for better search results and automating interaction summaries, these enhancements promise improved efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction for ServiceNow users. Additionally, the introduction of advanced workforce optimization tools provides valuable insights for contact center managers, enabling data-driven decisions and better overall performance.

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