ServiceNow's CSM and ITSM: Pioneering Seamless Customer Experiences

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Before the introduction of ServiceNow's Customer Service Management (CSM) application in the Istanbul release, businesses had to customise ITSM applications to serve their external customers. This approach was time-consuming and risky, resulting in technical debt. However, with CSM, companies finally got a dedicated solution for external service, allowing them to engage with customers efficiently. In this article, we'll explore how CSM and ITSM work together to create a seamless customer experience.

CSM & ITSM: A Powerful Combination

ServiceNow CSM:
CSM is purpose-built to cater to external customer service needs. It provides an intuitive way for customers to interact with support agents, access knowledge articles, and manage their cases effectively. Native synchronisation between CSM and ITSM allows interactions and cases to be logged while ensuring incidents are reserved for technical disruptions, preventing unnecessary clutter in the ITSM suite.

ServiceNow ITSM:
On the other hand, ITSM is focused on internal IT support for employees. It allows employees to log tickets for technology-related issues, which are then centralised, tracked, and managed by analysts. Leveraging robust analytics and reporting tools, ITSM helps uncover trends in data for continuous improvement.

Centralised Database & Knowledge Base

ServiceNow ITSM:
ITSM's centralised database enables the creation of a living knowledge base. Service Desk agents can add, modify, and retire articles, ensuring they always have the most up-to-date information to reference and resolve incidents promptly.

ServiceNow CSM:
CSM also creates a centralised hub of case information without exposing proprietary data to customers. This ensures that all customer service agents can access the full history of customer interactions, preventing redundant explanations from customers as their cases are handled.

Self-Service Options for Empowerment

ServiceNow ITSM:
Self-service options in ITSM empower employees to troubleshoot and resolve issues independently. The service catalog automates workflows and approvals, streamlining service delivery and reducing operational costs.

ServiceNow CSM:
CSM's self-service empowers customers to manage their cases and find resolutions independently. They can access a portal to submit and track cases, as well as communicate with support staff as needed.

Reduced Ticket Volumes for Higher-Impact Activities

Both CSM and ITSM contribute to reduced ticket volumes over time. This provides analysts and support agents with more time for critical tasks like root-cause analysis and proactive customer service. The right tools lead to increased productivity, improved customer retention, and a healthier bottom line.

Finding the Best Fit for Your Business

Every company is unique, and their technology investments must align with their specific dynamics and customer experience goals. Whether you choose CSM, ITSM, or a combination of both, the objective remains the same: to deliver a consistent and exceptional product and service experience to customers.

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