Accelerating Internal Digital Transformation with ServiceNow

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TIP Group is a market leader in providing transportation and logistics customers with rental, leasing and value-added services, such as digital solutions and second-hand equipment. TIP Group chose ServiceNow and Crossfuze to modernise and transform their IT Services – here’s why.

How TIP Group unlocked the full potential of ServiceNow with ITSM Pro

After hearing and learning about the many benefits of ServiceNow, TIP Group transitioned their existing ITSM tool from OTRS to ServiceNow. By adopting Incident Management and Request Fulfilment, and transitioning workflows from Support Central to ServiceNow, they were able to deliver a cohesive experience to their users.

Following the success of implementing ServiceNow as their ITSM tool, TIP decided that they wanted to expand their service offerings to the wider business too – and maximise the potential of the platform. TIP approached Crossfuze to help realise their vision.

After considering several ServiceNow Partners, TIP chose ManagedNow (now known as Infuze), providing them with easy access to Crossfuze consultancy resources through a proprietary service portal. After the success of the initial project, TIP decided to continue with Crossfuze as their supplier of choice, adopting them as a strategic partner to the business.

Automation ambitions

Responding to the needs of the business, particularly around localisation and language, TIP identified that they would need to expand their ServiceNow capabilities by adopting ITSM Pro. This move has allowed them to roll-out UI translation across their business, meaning employees around the world can operate on the ServiceNow Platform in their native language. Other high-priority items included Continual Improvement Management (CIM), Performance Analytics, and enhancements to their Virtual Agent & Microsoft Teams Integration.

ITSM Pro has been crucial in unlocking the full potential of ServiceNow’s ITSM offerings for TIP. Thanks to the increased automation capabilities of ITSM Pro, TIP has been able to accelerate their internal digital transformation, making their services more proactive and efficient.

During a face-to-face meeting with Crossfuze and ServiceNow, TIP Group shared their IT transformation roadmap. In return, Crossfuze made recommendations that aligned with TIP’s maturity ambitions. Leveraging Crossfuze’s consultancy services via ManagedNow, TIP was able to expand on their service offerings, identify improvement opportunities, and ultimately meet the goals of the business.

The outcomes

As of August 2023, TIP Group and Crossfuze have been working together successfully for three years. TIP Group has leveraged a mixture of Advisory & Implementation consultancy services to mature IT Services and significantly improve the service they provide to internal teams. This included the configuration of Problem & Change Management, overhauling the IT Service Desk Portal, integrating with other tools, such as Microsoft Teams, and providing ITSM Pro features, such as dynamic language translation for end users and customers.

Crossfuze also advised TIP on a number of heavy customisations of App Engine workflows, guiding them towards best practice and allowing for long-term scalability.

Where to next?

Moving forward, TIP’s long-term IT strategy is to make sure they realise the maximum return from their current ServiceNow investment and the modules they have. Simultaneously, TIP Group is exploring how ServiceNow can be used to further support ongoing business initiatives, relying on Crossfuze’s expertise every step of the way.


“ServiceNow is an important partnership within our internal digital strategy, and Crossfuze's expert consultancy has helped us achieve our goals with the platform, enabling efficiency & automation across the business. Our roadmap is exciting, and I'm looking forward to the future.” 
Andy Wyatt, Chief Information Officer, TIP Group


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