Press Release: Crossfuze Debuts Hassle-Free, 30-day ServiceNow Implementation Solution

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Crossfuze Smart Launch for ServiceNow provides preconfigured ITSM and CSM capabilities for a fixed price, and enables companies to launch ServiceNow in 30 days with a guarantee.

NEW YORK, New York—Crossfuze, a leading ServiceNow Gold Partner that works with organizations to reimagine enterprise services to achieve digital transformation, has launched a cost-effective ServiceNow implementation solution for taking IT Service Management and Customer Service Management capabilities live in just 30 days, the company announced today.

Companies today are under tremendous pressure to prove out technology investments from day one. When making the decision to invest in ServiceNow, several needs come into play including, (1) a fast and high-quality build of a solid foundation of success, (2) costs that don’t exceed the initial estimates, and (3) real-time insight into what is happening, when and how it is happening, and what to expect next. Smart Launch fulfills each of these requirements, ensuring speed, ease, and peace of mind at every stage of an implementation.

Smart Launch was also designed to remove the complexities associated with making the decision to invest in ServiceNow. “We are uniquely capable of removing the complexity in making the decision to go with ServiceNow; that’s the main reason we’ve created Smart Launch,” Crossfuze Chief Marketing Officer John Ryan said. “Smart Launch makes ServiceNow attainable for any organization, no matter how big or small because of its fixed pricing model and 30-day speed-to-implementation guarantee. Simply put, we made the ServiceNow buying process and the delivery of instant value from the platform easy and painless, period.”

Smart Launch helps organizations avoid cost overruns, unexpected setbacks, and subpar results during a ServiceNow ITSM or CSM implementation. With Smart Launch, customers receive full project visibility at every stage of implementation, enabling them to track status in real time and know exactly what the next steps are. Smart Launch clients rely on these insights to clearly communicate progress to internal stakeholders, proactively prepare for deployment, and ensure maximum user adoption from day one of “go live.”

Smart Launch by Crossfuze includes the following features:

  • Go-live in 30 days
  • Budget-friendly, fixed pricing that every CFO will appreciate
  • Over $100,000 in additional ServiceNow capabilities at no additional cost
  • Peace of mind with the 90-day, no-risk implementation guarantee
  • On-demand project status dashboard
  • Efficient learn-as-you-go training process
  • Crossfuze’s popular Outage Tracker
  • Preconfigured end-user portal ready for overlay with the client’s corporate theme
  • Post-implementation support
  • Go-live celebration to propel future successes

“Deciding to onboard ServiceNow is an important one for companies looking to move the digital transformation needle farther in their favor,” Crossfuze Director of Sales Shawn Willson said. “The moment ServiceNow licenses are purchased is the moment the ROI clock starts its countdown to delivering meaningful value. With Smart Launch, our clients get speed, ease, and proven results in as little as 30 days. Smart Launch truly is the smartest way to implement ServiceNow.”

Smart Launch is offered for both ITSM and CSM. Typically, customers new to ServiceNow start with Smart Launch for ITSM to take their organization from zero to go-live in just 30 days. Experienced ServiceNow customers are opting to transform management of their customer service operations with Smart Launch for CSM, which also provides a 30-day implementation. Both Smart Launch offerings have a fixed-price and come with a 90-day, no-risk guarantee.

Crossfuze will showcase Smart Launch during Knowledge18, the ServiceNow industry conference scheduled for May 7–10, 2018, in Las Vegas. Crossfuze will be at Booth 1613.

More information about Smart Launch can be found here.

About Crossfuze

Crossfuze is uniquely positioned to help clients deliver long-term ServiceNow digital transformation with speed, agility, and confidence. We are a ServiceNow Gold Partner with a #1 CSAT score, 1,000+ implementations, a global reach, and 18 years of Enterprise Service Management experience. Consulting services include the development of a ServiceNow vision, CFO-approved business case, and win-worthy roadmap. Rapid implementation services include Smart Launch for IT Service Management and Smart Launch for Customer Service Management. ServiceNow platform-enhancing, proprietary coded solutions include Quickfuze Suite, Integration solutions, and ServiceNow Store applications. For more information about Crossfuze, visit or

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