Top 3 Underrated Use Cases for ServiceNow in the Public Sector

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When it comes to public sector applications, few platforms possess the transformative power of ServiceNow. Renowned for streamlining workflow processes and boosting operational efficiencies, ServiceNow is the cornerstone of effective digital strategy. Yet, its capabilities reach far beyond common utilization scenarios. Thanks to our long-standing status with ServiceNow as an Elite Partner and ever-growing experience helping public sector agencies leverage ServiceNow as a game changer, we’ve uncovered three underrated yet highly impactful use cases to inspire innovation in the public sector.


Use Cases of ServiceNow in the Public Sector

Read on to learn how you can create great experiences for both citizens and employees with solutions developed for the unique needs of the public sector.


ServiceNow Use Case 1: Receive and Track Citizens' Reports on Public Safety Issues

In today’s rapidly advancing digital age, many public sector agencies continue to face challenges in receiving and effectively tracking public safety issues reported by citizens. This obstacle hampers the agencies’ ability to deliver timely solutions and negatively impacts public confidence in these vital institutions.


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The importance of resolving this issue cannot be overstated. Fledgling tracking systems and disparate communication channels can lead to unresolved citizen complaints, undermining citizens’ trust in the organizations designed to protect their well-being. Here’s where ServiceNow’s robust capabilities can play a vital role in reshaping how public sector agencies perceive and address public safety issues. As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, we’re proud of our expertise in this platform and our dedication to transforming public sector service delivery through collaborative, value-driven partnerships.

With ServiceNow, a community member can report an issue – let’s say, a pothole – to a state Department of Transportation through a dedicated platform. Anyone can access it by going to the Department of Transportation website and navigating to the ServiceNow-based portal to report issues like potholes.

Users can populate the form in this portal with contact details, pothole location and any other information that will help the team identify and resolve the issue. As soon as the form is submitted, the Department of Transportation can begin the process of resolving the issue. Behind the scenes, ServiceNow facilitates seamless communication and tracking so the user can track the status of their concern in real-time – ensuring efficiency and transparency for concerned citizens and enabling better collaboration between the state Department of Transportation and community members.

ServiceNow offers public sector agencies efficient receipt, tracking and resolution of citizen-reported public safety issues. By centralizing data, organizations avoid bottlenecks, prevent cases from slipping through the cracks and foster a streamlined process for issue resolution. Powerful workflow automation and seamless case management capabilities bring structure and transparency to a complex landscape and increase the public trust in the agencies responsible for maintaining public safety


Use Case 2: Managing Seasonal Employee Onboarding and Offboarding

Public sector organizations depend on seasonal employees to help maintain their communities. These roles range from summer park rangers and temporary tax assistants to snowplow drivers and election clerks.

Despite the temporary nature of these roles, their impact is permanent and essential for public sector efficacy. However, managing the onboarding and offboarding of these roles presents a significant challenge. Without suitable systems, agencies face issues such as delays in onboarding, difficulty in record-keeping, and challenges in ensuring compliance with offboarding processes. Here’s where the power of ServiceNow truly shines.

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner, our expert team helps public sector agencies vastly improve their management of seasonal employees through the ServiceNow platform. ServiceNow offers robust Human Resources Service Delivery (HRSD) capabilities to simplify and streamline these processes. From pre-boarding tasks like background checks and training schedules to managing employee transitions, the ServiceNow HRSD capabilities harmonize these tasks into a single, integrated workflow.

Through process automation, ServiceNow simplifies administrative tasks and improves the user experience for new hires, which translates to higher engagement and productivity levels from the get-go. Furthermore, when ’it’s time to offboard, ServiceNow helps to ensure a smooth transition, facilitating tasks such as asset recovery, access removal, and record retention.


Use Case 3: Rapidly Resolve Citizen Inquiries

A state’s Department of Human Services (DHS) receives numerous inquiries, ranging from health services to child support to elder care. Providing a seamless citizen experience is critical to maintaining the integrity of these departments.

With its world-class Intelligent Case Routing capabilities, ServiceNow is revolutionizing the inquiry process. At the heart of this transformative approach is the principle of “right request, right team, right time.” ServiceNow employs algorithms and defined criteria to ensure each case, once logged into the system, is automatically and instantaneously assigned to a specialized agent or team best equipped to resolve it.


>>> Video: See how Crossfuze is using ServiceNow ITSM to modernize employee engagement and experiences by clicking here <<<


The great thing is that agency employees stop wasting time on manual routing and re-routing of cases, decreasing the wait time for citizens and the resolution time for their issues. The Now Platform’s machine learning capabilities learn from historical data, such as past inquiries and their resolutions, and leverage these insights to improve case distribution.

Moreover, ServiceNow gives managers high-level visibility into case workloads and resolution timelines, promoting strategic decision-making to optimize team efficiencies in the long run.



The ServiceNow Elite Partner for Public Sector Agencies

As a lifecycle partner dedicated to delivering business outcomes, we know the nuances of implementing ServiceNow within the public sector. Our unique blend of large-scale knowledge and boutique-style flexibility means we can tailor a ServiceNow solution to meet your agency’s needs, driving value for your organization and the citizens you serve.



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