ServiceNow Deep Dive: The 101 on Procurement Service Management in ServiceNow San Diego

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Ninety-two percent of executives report that their sourcing and supplier management processes are less than best-in-class. However, the need for excellent procurement operations is higher than ever. Procurement is anything but simple. Leaders, in particular, must wear a variety of hats: vendor management, payment processing, strategy development, budgeting, and more.


ServiceNow Procurement Service Management in San Diego

Today’s leaders must also be adept at solving problems as they arise, whether it’s an accounts payable challenge due to insufficient and outdated data or the need to negotiate a better deal when a partner falls through. Even the most detail-oriented employees will face roadblocks or drop the ball every once in a while, which is why it’s so essential to equip them all with the tools they need to thrive in any context. Procurement Service Management in the ServiceNow San Diego release allows your organization to do exactly that and more. 

Let’s explore exactly what the ServiceNow Procurement Service Management empowers your team to do, including its best features and how to use them to get the most out of the tools.


Engage with Procurement Anytime, Anywhere with ShoppingHub

The first feature to help your employees automate the buying process is ShoppingHub, a portal that includes everything they need to access important procurement information and place necessary orders anytime and anywhere. 

The following are a few of the things you can accomplish with the ShoppingHub feature:

  • Catalog management: Tailor your product catalog to your needs by grouping all supplier products together. Employees can easily order items they need for their jobs from a single place in the portal, allowing leaders to avoid needless paperwork.
  • Streamlined sourcing: Intuitively order products and services, request pricing for those that don’t have contractual pricing, and request off-catalog items as needed. 
  • Supplier selection guidance: Help employees easily find the items they need by referring them to the appropriate suppliers. Tailor recommendations based on their role, recent purchases, recently viewed items, and more. 
  • Transparency: Provide employees with full visibility into the procurement process by showing them the exact status of their purchase requisitions, sourcing requests, and more.

Procurement shouldn’t be limited to a specific time or location. It also shouldn’t require continuous feedback from leaders. ServiceNow San Diego ensures you have everything you need to automate processes, improve request automation, increase compliance and spend, and provide transparency into purchases. 

ShoppingHub even comes with its very own mobile device, allowing employees to view everything they need, even while on the go. They can easily review and approve requisitions, provide more details, request or provide clarification, compare quotes, view shipment details, and review invoices—all from their phone.


Automate End-to-End Workflows for Purchase and Receipt

While the new UI is designed to make navigation easier, any change—no matter how small—can be challenging, especially at an enterprise level. This is why it’s so important to go into these improvements with a plan for you and your end users. 

First, be sure to offer your team an outlet for expressing their challenges as they adapt to the new interface. Provide brief training opportunities that walk them through the changes they can expect, guide them to commonly used features, and ask for feedback so that you can identify and solve roadblocks. By providing them with this foundation, you can ensure smoother adoption and set your team up for success from the beginning. 

Beyond the people aspect of your organization, you may also need to update the default settings of the UI to match your brand standards. The following are just a few of the configurations you may need to make based on your current level of ServiceNow use: 

  • Updating your logo and branding 
  • Checking custom UI pages for styling issues
  • Reviewing previous UI scripts you may have implemented

Activating the new user interface and implementing it across your organization could be just what you need to drive a greater understanding and experience amongst end users.

The ServiceNow San Diego release empowers you and your team to navigate the platform more easily than ever before. From automating personalizations to providing more intuitive layouts, the Next Experience UI (Polaris) can be significantly beneficial for your team. You just need the right plan to prepare.


Automate End-to-End Workflows for Purchase and Receipt

The Procurement Service Management module in the ServiceNow San Diego release empowers your employees to submit cases, access your organization’s knowledge base, and automate their fulfillment procedures. They’ll monitor the progress of their tasks and ensure everything is on track for success. Teams can edit or cancel a purchase requisition, cancel an order, onboard a vendor, submit an invoice, and even request a corporate credit card—and automate all of them to ensure nothing goes unnoticed. 

Not only does the module ensure that your processes are as smooth as possible, but it also provides you and your clients with proof of that success. From essential KPIs to dashboards designed to streamline your procurement buyer, strategy, and team performance, you’ll make sure that your employees have every tool they need to take full advantage of the services available to them. 

On top of these powerful components, ServiceNow San Diego includes the following features that are sure to upgrade your procurement workflows: 

The ServiceNow San Diego release includes essential in-depth features that can streamline significant processes at your organization—such as customer service management. Procurement Service Management empowers you and your team to provide the smoothest procurement management possible. From engaging with procurement at any time and place to automating essential processes, these new features have you covered!



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