The Best New Features from the ServiceNow Tokyo Release

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As the workplace continues to shift rapidly in the face of mounting competition and change, business leaders must find ways to differentiate their companies from the crowd. ServiceNow recognizes this need, and they are similarly adapting to provide leaders with the latest and greatest developments.


What's New with ServiceNow Tokyo

The newest of these improvements, the ServiceNow Tokyo release, brings organizations the latest in innovative updates and users to enhanced experiences, features, management capabilities, and reporting. Let’s explore three of the greatest capabilities Tokyo has to offer—Manager Hub, ServiceNow Vault, and Enterprise Asset Management—and examine how they streamline employee experiences, support powerful automation, and accelerate innovation.


Empower Employees with Manager Hub

Did you know 74 percent of employees report they would take a pay cut for a job with a thriving culture? Your people are looking for great experiences, and they’re willing to leave to find them. Current estimates show losing one employee can cost 1.5 to two times the individual’s salary. While losing staff is costly, employee retention results in some serious savings for your organization. 

If employee retention tops your priority list, the new Manager Hub is exactly what your organization needs. Designed to solve leaders’ greatest challenges, this feature addresses burnout, the pressure to keep employees engaged, slowdowns, and more. It consolidates employee and customer experiences to remove friction for everyone involved and provides a central location where managers can track employee tasks, updates, daily stats, and roadblocks.

Manager Hub is a customizable, dedicated workplace that offers a consolidated view of a team’s current needs. Managers can sort what they see and do first by ordering employees based on project or individual needs, filtering subsets of your teams, and viewing a mix of interns, employees, and contractors across locations. Plus, with the Manager Library, leaders can even access manager-specific resources, providing them with the latest knowledge needed to be proactive and ensure long-term leadership growth.


Protect Critical Applications through ServiceNow Vault

An estimated 95 percent of cybersecurity issues are caused by human error. ServiceNow Tokyo seeks to address these inconsistencies by introducing AI-powered automation and data security solutions to resolve issues before they arise.


ServiceNow Vault uses top-of-the-line privacy and security controls to protect business-critical applications. With government-level encryption standards, this product empowers companies to protect sensitive data, increase compliance, and maintain data security without compromising on flexibility. Anonymizing specific data fields and objects across ServiceNow instances, Vault works organization-wide to simplify digital credentials and security workloads.


Accelerate Well-Informed Innovation with Enterprise Asset Management

Leaders face pressure to deliver outcomes fast, but they must make well-informed decisions before diving in. For example, companies rely on a range of physical assets to grow more complex, and they are multiplying rapidly. However, it’s challenging to maintain absolute visibility into the complete asset environment, preventing leaders from making proactive decisions. Weighed down by inaccurate inventory, undocumented assets, and unregulated risk exposure, organizations may find it difficult to scale effectively.


Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) empowers business leaders to make excellent choices by automating the full lifecycle of physical business assets. Here are a few key things you can do with EAM: 

  • Rationalize inventory to reduce response time
  • Optimize stockrooms
  • Identify assets for a refresh
  • Properly remove assets that have reached the end of their life
  • Make informed end-of-lease decisions

Through this feature, teams can manage assets at scale, maximizing their return on investments. Enterprise Asset Management provides a single system of transparency, allowing teams to reduce capital and operating costs and improve processes to boost productivity.


Unlock Continuous Improvement with Crossfuze, a ServiceNow Elite Partner

Do you want complete access to a host of platform expertise? If you’re searching for a ServiceNow Partner that will help you drive digital transformation, adapt to the latest ServiceNow releases, and achieve your goals, Crossfuze is a ServiceNow Elite Partner, making it a top 1 percent partner for delivering long-term, consistent success globally. 

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