Getting it Right: Sustainable Growth and Maintenance in the Digital Age

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Business leaders share common goals. To grow, to adapt, and to continually improve. It’s a similar experience when embarking on a digital transformation journey. And while they are exciting for business leaders, these initiatives are complex and require time, talent and expertise that may not be easy to find in-house. 

Shifting your thinking to the long term can put you in the driver’s seat for long-term success on the Now Platform.

Intrigued? Let's dive in! 


Sustainable Growth & Maintenance, The Dynamic Duo

Imagine climbing Mount Everest without an experienced guide. Tricky, right? 

Not even Sir Edmund Hillary went on his Everest expedition alone. 

An adventure of Everest’s magnitude requires climbers to have the right team of experts leading the way long before they arrive at base camp. During the two-month Everest season, porters trek up and down the mountain setting lines, strategically placing bridges and ladders across the icefall and replenishing supplies for each of the four camps. 

Whether Everest or a digital transformation, scaling a mountain requires you to trust your guide to lead the way. Adventurers need expert guides who have traveled these paths many times. They steer you away from dangerous crevasses and costly mistakes – guiding your climb. 

Throughout your journey, you’ll reach checkpoints where you reassess and decide how to proceed. On Everest, weather conditions may delay you. A climber may need to take a day or two longer to acclimate to the increasingly treacherous conditions. Like an Everest expedition, a solid digital transformation happens in steps to build on your previous success. A true ServiceNow Journey Partner sticks with you and learns your business so well the team can gauge the optimal time and direction to grow on the Now Platform. Like the adventurers who trek to Mount Everest’s summit find success when selecting the right expedition team to guide them, enterprises that see the most long-term success on ServiceNow work with their partner to develop a sustainable plan for handling all the administrative tasks. This approach gives leaders the time and space to focus on strategy.   

Crossfuze Extend is your diligent team of expedition porters taking care of all the administrative details on the Now Platform so you can prepare yourself and your team for your next big digital transformation move. 


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Extend™ - An Extension of Your Team

The Extend strategy puts you in control by offering:  

  • Efficiency Redefined – reduce time spent on routine tasks so you can focus on strategic decisions.  
  • Access to Expertise – our team of seasoned experts seamlessly integrates with your business to handle various aspects while you focus on your strengths. 
  • Built for Growth – flexibility to tap into various skillsets and specializations to support and expand with your growth journey. 
  • Cost-Effective – a cost-effective alternative to in-house teams. Save on recruitment, training and operational overhead. Inhouse resources can be reallocated to strategic investments.  
  • Confidence – enjoy peace of mind knowing experienced professionals are managing your operations. 
  • Quality with Velocity – do efficient work quickly without compromising on quality. Streamlined processes ensure tasks are completed swiftly while maintaining the high standards you expect.  


Extend Your Capabilities with Crossfuze, a ServiceNow Elite Partner

By investing in the right team, you accelerate your digital transformation and get the data you need to grow your business. Your Extend team focuses on ServiceNow, and you focus on strategy. 

Embrace growth, learn from the change, and remember to enjoy the process! And if need be, your journey partner at Crossfuze is always here to support you. Stay growing. Stay thriving! 

If you’d like to learn more about Crossfuze Extend, reach out at and let’s talk. 


Before you go! Check out the video below about Crossfuze Extend™:

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