ServiceNow Partner Perspective - Part 1: 8 Things to Look for in a ServiceNow Partner

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Did you know that over 80 percent of digital transformations fail? That means that less than 20 percent of companies attempting to drive digital efforts are very effective at it. That’s less than one in five organizations! 

Here’s the thing: You can invest time and capital in an excellent platform and still fail. Because, at the end of the day, it’s not just about the platform you use: It’s about implementing it to ensure long-term success for your customers. It’s about investing in and empowering the people you work with to define your goals, possible roadblocks, and next steps. 


8 Things to Look For in Your ServiceNow Partner

ServiceNow recommends enterprises who choose the Now Platform® for their digital transformation use an experienced partner to unlock the benefits and ensure long-term success. However, deciding to invest in a partner is just the first step. How can companies ensure that they are choosing the best partnership for their goals and needs? Let’s explore eight things that all organizations should consider while looking for the right ServiceNow Partner.

  1. Defined Process

    A great partner will already have a defined process for rolling out ServiceNow—and it will be able to tailor it to meet your organization’s needs, goals, and characteristics. Whether you need a quick deployment that allows you to reap the benefits of the platform as soon as possible or are looking for a fully customized, in-depth implementation, the right partner should offer a proven approach that not only suits your needs but also has offered success in the past. 

    Additionally, they won’t try to fit you into a one-size-fits-all mold. Their consultants will work closely with your leadership to define your specific business needs. A strong partner should go into the project knowing that you’ll have the best opportunity for success with a tailored implementation guide fit with best practices. With numerous ServiceNow implementations under their belt, they won’t struggle to define the next steps for your organization—they’ll be able to advocate for your needs with a focus on ITIL best practices.

  2. Support For the Entire ServiceNow Suite

    Finding a ServiceNow Partner is a long-term investment, which means you should consider their capacity to support you beyond your current needs. Your focus now may be on ITSM or CSM, but what if you need SecOps later? Even if you’re only planning one implementation now, it’s an excellent idea to find a partner well versed in the full ServiceNow suite. 

    Not only will this help you in the future should your need for additional services arise, but the right partner may also help you forecast additional areas for growth. Working with a partner who offers a one-stop shop from the beginning means that if—or when—you expand beyond your first project, your partner will be familiar with your business and ServiceNow implementation thus far. You won’t need to begin your partner search all over again, saving your organization both time and money in the long run.

  3. A Focus On Security

    Data breaches aren’t the exception anymore—they’re the expectation. Don’t let yourself fall to the next security disaster by ensuring your ServiceNow Partner focuses on security as much as possible. ServiceNow comes with extensive security features that come with many tools that are critical to monitoring security throughout your organization. 

    A partner fluent in its security features is an essential aspect of support in order for your company to function properly as well as keep your customer data safe from cyberattacks. Not only does ServiceNow need to be installed properly to begin with, but it also needs to be kept up to date. A security-fluent partner will be familiar with ServiceNow Security Center and Security Operations and have experience with implementing them.

  4. In-Depth Experience

    Do your homework on potential partners’ experience with ServiceNow. Are they a Registered Partner? An Elite Partner? Achieving a high service level like Elite or Global Elite status is not something a partner can buy. They need to progressively improve and meet expectations for each tier. Additionally, each tier is determined based on four significant factors: capacity, competency, customer success, and capability. Strong performance in each of these areas is a clear sign that they have a deep understanding of the platform. 

    A partner tier is a clear determinant of ServiceNow experience; however, partner tiers should not be the only thing you consider when thinking about a partner’s experience. You should also look into their industry expertise. For example, if a partner has only completed ITSM implementations for the healthcare industry, they may not be a good fit for a financial services institution. Consider asking for their customer satisfaction scores. For example, you can check out what people are saying on independent research sites such as Raven Intelligence.

  5. Full View of a Project

    It’s difficult to walk the fine line between accomplishing an implementation in a timely manner and taking too much time getting caught up in the details. A strong ServiceNow Partner sees the big picture of your goals and projects. While time is an important factor in your implementation, adopting a tool as quickly as possible should not be the end goal of your project. 

    A great partner will understand the human components of successful implementation on top of the technical. They will help you communicate change to the organization, train your administrators and end users to use the tool, and define success in clear, tangible terms. The best ServiceNow Partners understand the Platform, how it fits into your company, how people will use it, and how to shape the larger picture with these components.

  6. Platform Configuration to Maximize Your ROI

    While ServiceNow offers a robust suite of features out of the box, enterprises often configure the platform to meet their unique business objectives. Your partner should have a solid understanding of out-of-the-box features and offer configuration solutions to help you optimize the platform and unlock maximum ROI.

    Your organization has specific needs that aren’t shared by any other company. Your ServiceNow Partner should understand that no two implementations are alike and come prepared with solutions that address your needs. This will ensure that they understand the broader scope of your organization. 

    In the case that roadblocks arise, a partner can provide solutions to help your company adapt as necessary and get past any roadblocks that may arise during implementation.

  7. Reliable, Long-Term Support

    No implementation can go without roadblocks. How will the partner you’re considering react when things aren’t easy? Will they offer consistent support through the thick and the thin? Getting ServiceNow set up and running efficiently isn’t easy. In fact, many organizations find it difficult to see it through past the go-live stage. 

    However, there is such a significant amount to do in the platform long after it’s up and running that it would be a mistake to ignore your ongoing support strategy from the start. Considering optimization, maintenance, road mapping, and continuous improvement, there is always something to do. Do you want a partner for full-service support or simply to help answer questions? Whatever you want, be sure to invest in a partner that will serve those ongoing needs.


  8. Driving Significant ROI with a ServiceNow Elite Partner

    ServiceNow can be a significant investment. How great will your benefits be in return? ROI is an essential part of any large purchase. Find a partner who values transparency in ROI and has a process in place. Ask them to show their process to you. They should define key performance indicators (KPIs), report them to you on a regular basis, and hold themselves accountable. Your partner shouldn’t be afraid to let you into their processes and show just how successful they have been with your implementation.


Go ServiceNow Elite with Crossfuze

Are you ready to drive your own digital transformation? If you’re searching for a ServiceNow partner that will help you drive your own digital transformation and achieve your goals, Crossfuze is a ServiceNow Elite partner, making it a top 1 percent partner for delivering long-term, consistent success globally. Reach out to us at to learn more.

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