4 Secrets to Know Before You Work With a ServiceNow Implementation Partner

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When you make the decision to retain a ServiceNow implementation partner, you’re positioning your organization to enjoy an efficient rollout and rapid, frequent victories. It’s a strategic investment proven to show strong returns when you choose a capable partner. Not all implementation partners bring the same value. Thus, you want to know what differentiates the average ServiceNow partner from the extraordinary ones. You also need to do your homework beforehand and prepare your organization for your ServiceNow transformation. Let’s explore the four secrets that are essential to your understanding of working with your ServiceNow implementation partner:

  1. You need to critically evaluate your existing workflows and processes: Far too many organizations go into their ServiceNow transformation ignorant of just how outdated, archaic, and inefficient their workflows really are. The problem is that they try to force ServiceNow to conform to these legacy workflows. This, of course, doesn’t work, and you will ultimately realize your workflows need to be comprehensively revised and updated. Thus, your goal should be to evaluate your existing workflows and processes now, before your ServiceNow partner enters the picture.
  2. The typical ServiceNow partner won’t help you optimize your implementation strategy: The typical ServiceNow partner is reluctant to weigh in meaningfully as you are developing your implementation strategy. These types of partners will only tell you if something isn’t feasible or doable. Once you come up with a workable plan, the average partner is reluctant to help you improve on the plan. You may never learn there are multiple ways of doing things, and you may never hear your ServiceNow partner suggest a superior alternative path forward. For the typical ServiceNow partner, time is money. Their goal is to get in and out, hitting only the minimum requirements. Less ideas from them means less optimization for you.
  3. The typical implementation partner won’t tell you what’s possible: The typical partner is obsessed with moving rapidly and smoothly toward the finish line. These types of partners are reluctant to tell you when your plans aren’t ambitious enough or as comprehensive as they could be. This results in many organizations implementing only a fraction of the ServiceNow features and capabilities they needed to truly transform their organization. The more you learn in advance about all of ServiceNow’s capabilities, the more informed your questions are to your ServiceNow partner helping you optimize the investment.
  4. You’ll experience a dramatic spike in internal business services requests: A common refrain from IT directors who implement ServiceNow is how many new business service requests they start receiving from other teams outside of IT. They simply don’t anticipate how many of ServiceNow’s user-friendly features and powerful functionalities will resonate with departments and teams across the enterprise. Thus, they aren’t prepared to manage the pipeline and fulfill all of these requests in a timely, efficient fashion.

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