How to Use CSM Data to Reach Strategic Telco Business Goals

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While most businesses understand the importance of studying CX data (87 percent), “three-quarters report that they don’t have enough access to the technology that could provide this data.” Does your telco have access to the customer data it needs? And if so, is it using this data to its fullest potential?

With today’s customer expectations, businesses must have access to customer experience data. Customers want every encounter with a company to “be informed and enriched by current and accurate information about their accounts – including past history and customer preferences.” Not only can using customer data help enrich the customer experience, but it can also help businesses reach strategic business goals. With ServiceNow CSM data, telcos can tie CSM data to specific business goals, supercharge customer service, and measure and improve the progress of their business. Here’s how.


Tie CSM Data to Specific Business Goals

The CSM data of today paints a picture so clear, businesses can use it to inform and reach their goals. But it hasn’t always been that way. Until recently, customer service teams had no choice but to handle customer inquiries one at a time, logging these inquiries into multiple disconnected systems. Not only was this process inefficient, but it didn’t allow CX teams to find the root causes of customer problems or understand how these problems and their solutions affected the business.

ServiceNow CSM mitigates these problems by fostering collaboration across departments, which makes the data useful for achieving business goals. The customer service, IT, finance, and quality assurance departments share and pull data from a single source, allowing them to see the root cause of problems and find patterns among customer concerns. Then they can use that data to make goals that make sense for their specific business, such as reducing back-and-forth in customer interactions, “establish[ing] the right services for every user, address[ing] customer needs, and reduc[ing] churn.”


Supercharge Customer Service

One crucial telco business goal is to elevate the company’s customer service. As Adobe reported, “The companies leading in customer experience are more successful than their peers. They are three times more likely to have significantly exceeded their 2019 business goals.” Excellent customer service isn’t an additive—it’s table stakes for telcos looking to expand their services toward being a technology services company rather than just an internet provider.

ServiceNow CSM helps telcos understand the state of their customer service so they can make better decisions, all while protecting customer data. For example, let’s say a customer wants to switch to a new service plan but has been having technical difficulties with the site. Now her bill is incorrect, and she has not been able to speak with a representative who can help her. Helpful data from ServiceNow CSM allows the team to fix the root cause of the problem (which in this case might be manual workflows, which ServiceNow can also help with!). And with customer service tools giving access to customer data across departments, the right representatives can help in the first place.


Measure and Improve Progress

The saying goes that when progress is measured, progress improves, and that’s certainly the case with ServiceNow. The Manager dashboard displays helpful charts and summary data on backlogs, resolution rates, SLAs (service level agreements), service level targets, customer satisfaction ratings, and per-agent KPIs. So when business leaders see that the backlogs are high and where those backlogs are happening, for example, they can improve the workflow and increase support in that area. As important metrics are measured and improved upon, telcos will see those metrics continue to help them reach their strategic business goals. 

Today’s telco customers have high expectations. Harnessing customer data can help businesses enrich the customer experience and reach strategic business goals. Data from ServiceNow CSM can help telcos tie CSM data to specific business goals, supercharge customer service, and measure and improve the progress of their business.

Reach out today to learn how Crossfuze can help your telco leverage customer data to reach strategic goals.


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