Getting the Most Out of Your ServiceNow Investment

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When IT leaders first start implementing ServiceNow, they ordinarily have a list of things they’re hoping the platform will do for them: create more time for value-added tasks, streamline communication among team members, provide actionable data, and so on. These leaders watch eagerly as the platform starts to deliver on these significant benefits. 

But, as with any new technology, obstacles are likely to come up. Adoption stagnates because employees don’t think the benefits are worth changing their processes. Customizations break with the latest upgrade. And it’s hard to know how to expand the platform in a way that supports the business’s long-term goals. Here at Crossfuze, we know that it’s possible to overcome these challenges and get the most out of your investment in this platform. Here’s how.

Uncover the full value of ServiceNow.

ServiceNow is a platform full of possibilities. The sheer number of available features, configurations, and applications is incredible. You’ve likely spent a lot of time and effort figuring out the logistics of running your instance, which can make it disappointing and frustrating when the rest of the company isn’t too interested in adopting the platform. 

At Crossfuze, we recommend working specifically to uncover the full value of the platform so your team can clearly see the benefits. One option is to use our Ops-as-a-Service delivery model, which helps our partners get all the support they need, without carrying the cost of a full-time staff. As you strive to make your instance work just as it should for your specific organization, your team will notice. Soon enough, they’ll be saying to you, “I want this for my department.”

Here are some specific things Crossfuze recommends to make your experience with the platform easier and better:

  • Training for admins and end users
  • Flexible consulting services from a trusted partner
  • Admin and configuration services
  • Architect services
  • Roadmapping and development

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Avoid non-ideal features and customizations.

For many organizations, there’s a gap between their technology and their vision for what they want their technology to do. When an organization first gets ServiceNow, for example, they often picture saving time, streamlining processes, and collecting actionable data. But when they start putting this vision into action, it may be tempting to cut corners with customizations. Or they may implement features that sound good but actually aren’t right for their purposes.

Unfortunately, these nonideal features and customizations often cause more harm than good, breaking with the next update. That’s why we recommend working with a partner who is an expert on the platform and has experience working with your industry. For example, we help our partners take a close look at what they really need so they can avoid overcustomization and nonideal features. This helps the platform run optimally for their specific needs—now and in the future.

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Expand the platform appropriately and with a long-term view.

It’s one thing to get ServiceNow setup for your current needs; it’s another thing entirely to make sure it is set up to grow with you into the future. If it’s not set up to grow with you, you simply won’t realize the full ROI of the platform. It’s crucial to implement the platform strategically so that it supports your business goals and growth strategy. 

In our years of partnering with companies, we’ve found that gaining long-term value from an investment in this platform requires effective onboarding and strategic expansion. IT is a great place to start automating processes and workflows. With the time that ITSM saves, IT has more time to focus on using technology to help other areas of the business create a frictionless and innovative customer journey.

From there, organizations should follow customer and employee needs: Would ITAM or ITBM be most helpful? What about CSM or HR? A great partner can help organizations decide what makes the most sense. As companies expand their instance strategically, they find that their collaboration and communication improve across the organization. And when that happens, they are set up for success, now and into the future.

ServiceNow is an amazing platform, but all technologies come with their challenges. Whether you’re struggling with adoption rates, customizations, strategies for expansion, or something else entirely, we can help you overcome these challenges and get the most out of your investment.



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