TechInc and the Tale of the Human in HR

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It’s story time, HR heroes. We whipped up this tale of HR Service Delivery adventure to illustrate how ServiceNow HR Service Delivery can impact your organization when you have the right partner at your side. So, sit back, relax and enjoy!


The Story of HR Manager Michelle

Once upon a time, there was an HR manager named Michelle. She was everyone’s hero at TechInc, a flourishing tech firm. Michelle had a heart as big as her workload. She oversaw everything from onboarding bright-eyed recent college graduates to complex benefits administration for all employees. But amidst all this, Michelle often found herself overwhelmed with redundant administrative tasks, leaving little time to focus on the humans in Human Resources.

As the situation grew more dire, TechInc embarked on a digital transformation journey with ServiceNow HR Service Delivery (HRSD). Consulting the oracle (aka, the internet), the Council of Management found the notable sage, Crossfuze, had myriad positive reviews and an impressive history of leading other seekers of HR automation nirvana. Based on these readings, the Council wisely chose Crossfuze as their journey partner in this digital quest. The Council dubbed the effort the Quest for HR Automation Excellence, created a Fellowship to undertake the journey and bade them fulfill the Quest’s goal of putting the sorely needed ‘human’ back into their HR.

Enter Crossfuze and ServiceNow HR Service Delivery

Although wise in the art of automating HR processes, Crossfuze didn’t rush in with a magic wand and fix everything immediately, using spells and solutions from a book of templates. Instead, they stepped into Michelle’s shoes (figuratively speaking), listening closely and learning the ins and outs of TechInc’s HR processes. They patiently listened and observed until they fully understood how administrative overload and how it hampered Michelle’s ability to truly engage with her people.

With Crossfuze on board as a trusted guide, Michelle felt confident she could weather the journey's perils with her new ally. And so, the Fellowship set forth to face the pitfalls and perils of automating a complex set of processes vital to the (literal) health and well-being of TechInc employees. Failure was not an option — the Council anxiously awaited the Fellowship’s triumphant return.


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Crossfuze brought a wealth of wisdom gleaned from years of learning how to work the magic of the ServiceNow HRSD platform. Unselfishly, they shared this knowledge and worked with the Fellowship to craft a new roadmap of HR processes, best practices and, perhaps most importantly, workflow automation, a truly magical feature of the ServiceNow HR Service Delivery.

Why would Crossfuze share this information rather than cast forth their solutions and seek to ensnare the TechInc Fellowship in a web of dependence for any refinements and updates? Because that’s their DNA and how they treat all those who turn to them for guidance on their journeys.

The Power of Automation

Process automation, an incredibly potent spell uh, feature, swiftly eliminated the burden of redundant tasks. Processes such as managing employee records and tracking leave applications became streamlined. The time-consuming task of manually collecting and responding to queries was replaced by an intuitive self-service portal and Virtual Agent that employees could access around the clock, finding answers to their queries in no time.

But how did this impact Michelle? Oh, in the most human way possible! With administrative burdens lifted, Michelle was liberated. She could spend time where it mattered most: lending aid and comfort to her people. She had space to create meaningful initiatives and drive employee engagement and satisfaction.

And through it all, Crossfuze was there — guiding, supporting, and optimizing. The journey wasn’t about implementing a platform but smartly maximizing it to transform HR at TechInc. They empowered Michelle and her team to harness the full potential of ServiceNow HRSD, bringing the ‘human’ back to Human Resources—just as Michelle had always envisioned.

But what of the Council of Management? Did they deem the Quest a success and the Fellowship worthy of praise and thanks? Indeed, they did, proclaiming the new HR system throughout the TechInc realm (aka, organization) and enjoying bountiful returns to the corporate treasury in the form of exceptional ROI, sizeable cost savings, and improved employee satisfaction. And, they had girded themselves to successfully defend against the ravages of the dragon known in HR operations everywhere as Compliance. But that, dear readers, is a tale for another time.

This then, my friend, is the epic of TechInc — a testament to how the right partner can guide you in leveraging ServiceNow HRSD to its full potential, weaving the ‘human’ back into HR, and making the business of people truly about people. Are you ready to start your own story with Crossfuze on ServiceNow HRSD?


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