What is ServiceNow Impact? How will it affect ServiceNow Product Offerings?

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For many business leaders, digital transformation has shifted from idea to reality. They realize that digital transformation fundamentally changes the way business is done. IT leaders enlist the help of professional services firms and technology partners to implement or build upon solutions like ServiceNow ITSM and realize the value. And, as ServiceNow and their service partners work with these businesses, analysts identify gaps and immediate needs. 


To help fill those gaps, ServiceNow announced its newest offering, ServiceNow Impact. This AI-powered solution provides recommendations, expert guidance, premium tech support and tools on a personalized digital experience. And, just as computer automation enhanced the manufacturing assembly line, ServiceNow Impact enhances the digital experience for both the service partner and the customer. 

Enterprises get access to personalized initiatives, budget and service opportunities.  

ServiceNow Impact helps create unique strategic offerings and solutions to accelerate your digital transformation. Combining the AI-powered capabilities in ServiceNow Impact with the expertise from a ServiceNow Elite Partner can put you on the fast-track to digital transformation. 


What is ServiceNow Impact?

ServiceNow Impact is a personalized solution that helps organizations get the most out of their ServiceNow investment. The solution aims to help IT and business leaders see ROI faster and set them up for future success on their digital transformation journey. 


Why did ServiceNow Design this Solution?

ServiceNow spent 18 months researching more than 200 enterprise software buyers to identify gaps in their digital transformation journey. The data collected showed that many customers felt they were slow to realize value on the platform, they lacked the resources and tools to accelerate rapidly, they didn’t have access to the experts they needed to realize ROI and they spent too much time addressing technical debt over innovating and transforming their organizations. 

ServiceNow Impact uses AI-powered insights to identify opportunities on the platform that accelerate digital transformation.


Who is it for?

With ServiceNow Impact, businesses of all sizes get the most out of the Now Platform. The solution delivers metrics and recommendations based on individual roles within the organization. Business leaders, Platform Owners and System Administrators each get customized insights based on their role. 

The Value Journey Manager helps Business leaders build winning strategies that empower their team to realize value with data-driven recommendations. 

ServiceNow Impact helps Platform Owners achieve faster outcomes with proactive insights and expert guidance. Impact comes with a hand-picked Impact Squad to help you develop a governance strategy to accelerate your outcomes and prove value to leadership. 

By handling common platform tasks, ServiceNow Impact allows System Administrators to focus on more meaningful, higher-priority work. The solution includes additional developer support and code reviews so you can deploy customizations with confidence. Because ServiceNow Impact constantly analyzes your instance, you’ll see a collection of curated relevant content in your library – including playbooks, blog content and technical templates. Additionally, you’ll have access to customized learning, coaching, training, adoption and change management coaching. 


What's Included?

  • A personalized digital experience with value-realization dashboards and intuitive journey builders. 
  • A hand-picked Impact squad available on-demand to help you execute your strategy with confidence. 
  • Curated content, coaching and learning personalized for your role and tailored to your organization’s needs. 
  • AI-powered proactive insights, prescriptive alerts and custom recommendations based on your ServiceNow instance. 


Do I Still Need a ServiceNow Partner?

ServiceNow Impact doesn’t replace your Service Partner. It enhances the relationship with your Service Partner. A ServiceNow Elite Partner like Crossfuze uses ServiceNow Impact to help you make decisions on where to go next on your digital transformation journey. Customers who use ServiceNow Impact see a 20% increase in value on the platform.  


Your ServiceNow Elite Partner works with you and your Impact Squad to leverage insights gleaned from ServiceNow Impact to plan and execute on your digital transformation roadmap. Once you’re up and running on the Now Platform, your ServiceNow Partner will make recommendations help implement changes necessary for digital transformation.  

Your partner team includes ServiceNow Certified Master Architects, Technical Consultants and Solutions Consultants as well as Business Analysts and Advisory who are experts in your industry vertical and, if you’ve worked with them for a while, experts in your business.  

If you’d like to learn more about how ServiceNow Impact and a ServiceNow Elite Partner can accelerate your digital transformation, reach out at letstalk@crossfuze.com. 

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