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What Happens in Vegas Shouldn’t Stay in Vegas

It's hard to believe that the ServiceNow Knowledge18 event is over. It was yet another year of being surrounded by inspiring people, ideas and concepts to help build a successful digital transformation journey using ServiceNow. 

The wealth of information we gathered from being at the show is simply too valuable to keep to ourselves. So, we’re breaking the Vegas rule of what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and instead, we’re telling and sharing some of the things we learned while at Knowledge18.

So, no matter if you attended or not, check out our Knowledge18 Recap page for videos, eBooks, and other information.

Also, here are some additional show takeaways you may find interesting:


  • ServiceNow is focused on ensuring customer success throughout every step of their journey with the platform. They have a new resource called the Customer Success Center that helps those spearheading ServiceNow within their organization to deliver faster and more sustainable success with the platform. You can visit the Center here: And, visit frequently because ServiceNow will be adding more and more helpful tools and resources.
  • ServiceNow wants to help organizations realize the value and power of the platform “out of the box” and encourage users to avoid customization too early. Rapid ROI can be delivered from the moment your first instance of ServiceNow goes live, if the power of the platform is used as it is meant to be. We address this head-on with our ServiceNow Smart Launch offering. In 30 days at a fixed price, you’re up and running with ServiceNow because we know speed-to-implementation can make or break your ability to transformation successfully.
  • Taking ServiceNow outside of IT was a big topic this year. ServiceNow is a transformative platform so it only makes sense to use it in all areas of your business. As we chatted with folks coming by our booth, we handed out our third edition in the Pillars of ServiceNow Success Book Series, 10 Pillars of ServiceNow Digital Transformation for the Non-IT Leader. It was such a big hit at the show, that we ran out of copies. In case you didn’t get one, you can download your free copy here.
  • Outside of ServiceNow’s brand changes, we didn’t hear the word “tool” used to describe ServiceNow. Rather, we heard, platform. This is a big shift in how ServiceNow is perceived in the digital transformation landscape. It’s obvious that they are making the right moves to get closer to the users’ experience with the platform. In addition, the platform is no longer just for IT. All departments can leverage the power of the platform to meet both the productivity expectations for employees and create an enjoyable user experience that continues to build the strength of the brand.
  • And finally, our shameless plug. Crossfuze received the highest Customer Satisfaction Award for Americas Services Partners. ServiceNow recognized Crossfuze during the Global PartnerNow Summit at Knowledge18. It’s an honor to receive such a prestigious award. Not only is it a feather in our capabilities cap, it’s also a value to our clients because it shows we are heavily invested in both their short- and long-term success with the platform.


All in all, it was a highly productive show. We hope the information above and on our event recap page—visit it now—will help you further your success on your journey to digital transformation using ServiceNow. 




If you have questions about ServiceNow, In the meantime, feel free to visit the ServiceNow Resource Center, built with your digital services transformation needs in mind. There you will find eBooks, videos, demos, podcasts, blogs, etc. specifically addressing how to pave a path to ServiceNow visionary success.

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Your Crossfuze Team

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