Avoid These Top 5 ServiceNow Implementation Challenges

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Avoid These Top 5 ServiceNow Implementation Challenges

If you’re an IT leader getting ready to roll out ServiceNow, you’re no doubt hoping for a stress-free and career-building implementation. You want to believe your ServiceNow phase one game plan will be well-received by everyone, and that adoption will be rapid and widespread. But how can you be sure if you have never rolled out ServiceNow before?

Mark Brownschidle, VP of Professional Services at Crossfuze has been there, done that for the last decade. He has helped IT and other business unit leaders roll out ServiceNow victoriously, enabling them to deliver instant wins that drive impressive process efficiencies. And, he’s humbly been able to turn new technology sceptics into raving fans of ServiceNow at the moment of “go-live”.

In a new edition of Crossfuze’s VisionWins Podcast Series, Mark shares some of the most common pain points associated with ServiceNow implementation. He will take you through stories of how he helped clients to overcome challenges before they had a chance to wreak havoc on project success.

Here are just some of the topics Mark discusses in the Podcast:


Effectively communicating ServiceNow’s value proposition: Every business unit must understand how ServiceNow will drive efficiencies across the organization and also see itself succeeding and thriving with the ServiceNow platform. That means, it’s incumbent on IT leaders to communicate the value proposition effectively to all of these units and departments across the enterprise.


Creating a CFO-friendly business case: For ServiceNow to pass muster with budget-minded CFOs, IT leaders must be able to prepare a rock-solid business case. The business case needs to chart a clear, realistic path to an Enterprise Service Management transformation—and ultimately a path to enhanced profitability.


Getting sufficient resources allocated to the project: IT leaders won’t just be challenged by figuring out the resources they’ll need to allocate to a successful ServiceNow implementation; they’ll also need to effectively lobby the C-suite and others to gain approval for allocating those resources.


Retaining qualified employees with institutional knowledge: ServiceNow implementation will turn your in-house IT team into ServiceNow experts whose skill sets and experience will be highly coveted—not just by you, but on the open market. To retain the institutional knowledge that you’ll need to maintain forward momentum on your ServiceNow journey, you’ll need to keep your employees happy, invested, and appropriately challenged.


Achieving long-term success with user adoption: Organizational change management is difficult for every enterprise, and yet it’s essential to achieve long-term success following ServiceNow implementation. Employees in every department need to know that ServiceNow isn’t just another passing technology fad; it’s going to redefine and reshape the way that everyone’s daily work gets done.

Listen in now! Downloaded the VisionWins podcast here.

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