A Quick Look at ServiceNow San Diego

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ServiceNow Partner Developers across the globe are jumping into the ServiceNow San Diego sandbox and playing with the new features this release offers.  


It’s release time.  

Over the next several weeks, we’re giving our ServiceNow Partner Perspective on the features included in the latest release as well as information on how to upgrade. 

In the ServiceNow world, every new release is big news. These major releases happen twice a year. And like many technology releases, ServiceNow likes to make each new release an event. This year, they timed the release announcement to coincide with early access for ServiceNow Partner Developers – meaning, developers got to dive in immediately after watching the live webinar. 


ServiceNow San Diego Features at a Glance

As with past releases, ServiceNow took feedback from customers, developers and ServiceNow Partners to include new, much-needed features out of the box. Developers and consultants alike enjoy learning the creative new ways ServiceNow incorporated their suggestions.  

Crossfuze invited Senior Solution Consultant, Pierre Pilides to share his favorite new features. Here’s Pierre’s take on ServiceNow San Diego. 


Order Management for CSM

Before San Diego, ServiceNow didn’t have a true order request/fulfillment functionality within the Platform. Order Management for CSM provides a more catalog-driven, cloud-based order fulfillment with a unified technical and base product catalog. The Order Management application delivers workflows that enable you to manage customer orders for products and services. It also allows data model for interoperability with any external Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) system. 

Procurement Service Management

Customers tend to have a dedicated Procurement team, In the past, ServiceNow had some functionality regarding procurement but, it did not have true workflow and automation of Procurement processes. ServiceNow Procurement Service Management (PSM) provides your employees with a simple automated tool they can use to shop for goods and services they need to work. It comes with applications such as: 

  • ShoppingHub where employees can engage with the procurement organization anytime and anywhere. 
  • Purchase and Receipt Automation to automate the end-to-end procurement process workflows, from sourcing through requisitioning, to order fulfillment, receipt, and payment. 
  • Integrations with both external ERP systems such as (SAP) and other applications within ServiceNow such as PPM and Field Service Management 

UI Enhancements

Finally, ServiceNow continues to improve the App Engine and UI, making it even easier for customers to build custom applications within the platform. The San Diego release allows access to the Integration Hub from the App Engine Studio, allowing developers to easily create integrations while creating custom apps. Developers can now switch between dark and light mode and there are enhancements to the CSM/FSM configurable workspace. 

ServiceNow issues major platform releases twice a year. If you’re ready to upgrade, would like to learn more about ServiceNow San Diego, or are looking for a partner who can get you the most out of the Now Platform, reach out at letstalk@crossfuze.com. 



Pierre PilidesAbout the Contributor

Pierre Pilides is a knowledgeable, highly motivated technology evangelist with more than 7 years experience in both technical delivery and solution consultancy. He works with customers of ServiceNow in technology, legal, finance and retail industries. An excellent communicator, Pierre enjoys translating business requirements into functional requirements within ServiceNow - proposing resolution and design suggestions once he understands business issues. Based in the UK, Pierre is a keen golfer and general sports fan who enjoys socializing with friends and family when he’s away from work. 


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