ServiceNow is a Game Changer When it Comes to Data Entry for Law Firms

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What would an extra week mean to your firm? 

More strategic initiatives? 
An intensified focus on core capabilities? 
A direct enhancement of your profitability? 

Stop Losing a Week Doing Data Entry

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner with deep experience in the legal sector, we’ve developed sophisticated solutions designed to dramatically reduce your firm’s routine data entry tasks and give you back the time and resources you need to move forward. With its advanced capabilities, ServiceNow helps you stop squandering hours on mundane data entry and explore a new landscape with a focus on meaningful work. 

Unearth the Key to Operational Excellence to Create Tangible Value for Your Law Firm

A survey of 2,915 U.S. legal professionals revealed that lawyers spend only 29 percent of their time on billable hours, while 48 percent is devoted to administrative tasks. Data entry, a necessary yet painstakingly labor-intensive task, often feels like a bottleneck in the efficient flow of work.  

Finding Your Lost Week 

The magic of ServiceNow lies in its potent capability for automation. Harnessing the intrinsic power of the Now Platform, we can design and implement automated workflows to take over manual data entry tasks. These intelligent and efficient workflows operate with near-perfect accuracy and diminish the potential for human error. They reduce the direct time spent on data entry and mitigate the often-unquantified amount of time spent rectifying errors and inconsistencies in your data. 

You can reinvest this time into your firm’s strategic priorities, such as enhancing client relationships, refining service offerings, or pursuing growth opportunities. 

To echo our commitment to your firm’s growth and efficiency, by scrutinizing and reducing time-consuming tasks such as data entry we set you firmly on the path to strategic growth. We want to help you refocus on the high-value tasks directly impacting your profit margins and client satisfaction. 

In our next blog, you’ll hear real stories law firms who have achieved digital transformation success with Crossfuze and ServiceNow. 

From transforming IT Support to an Innovation Center, to reducing errors to improve the employee experience, and automating IT functions for improved efficiency, you’ll see how a journey partner like Crossfuze is with you every step of the way. 

Read the blog:  How Law Firms Raise the Bar on IT Service Delivery

As we navigate this path together, your firm’s success is our testament to our thriving partnership. Witness the transformative power of ServiceNow and join us on this journey to save your lost week and bring you marked efficiency enhancements and resounding success. 

If you're ready to explore how solutions from Crossfuze and ServiceNow can transform your firm operations, increase billable hours an give fee-earners better work-life balance, reach out to one of our experts at


Automate Your Law Firm with Crossfuze, a ServiceNow Elite Partner

As a ServiceNow Elite Partner and a proud Business Partner of the International Legal Technology Association, Crossfuze has extensive experience implementing ServiceNow solutions for law firms throughout the world.

As your service partner, we’re in it for the long term, ready to assist you with whatever implementations, modifications, or configurations you need to further automate your firm.

Visit our website to learn more about Crossfuze and what we can do in the legal sector.

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