Transforming Organizations with Transformational Relationships

Perhaps more than any other executive, the Chief Information Officer transforms organizations through building relationships.

Making Technology Work for Your Banking Strategy

Did you know that there are approximately 8,525 bank branches still operating in the United Kingdom? These locations have not been running as...

Creating a Secure, Personalized, and Convenient Customer and Employee Experience through ServiceNow

Recommended Webinar: Strengthening Operational Resilience in BankingDo you ever feel that choosing the next best move for your bank’s IT...

When the Competitive Landscape Is Workflow vs. Workflow

By the end of 2018, large firms across the world were using an average of 129 software apps each. There are software apps for every purpose...

ServiceNow Paris Release Features: What’s New to NOW?

The ServiceNow Paris release is just around the corner, so we compiled the top five things ServiceNow users should know about this new release....

Connect Teams Across Telco Departments with CSM

Imagine your telco company is facing a string of customer issues—it’s all the same problem, and it’s a doozy. The issue touches customer service,...

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