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5 Tips to Supersize the Value Delivered by Your Service Desk

Your organization’s service desk may be the only point of contact between your company and its users, which means the service it provides needs to...

SMART Solutions Vulnerability Response

According to the University of Maryland’s Clark School, a cyberattack happens every 39 seconds. The FBI reports a 400% increase in cybercrimes s...

Customer Service and Your Crisis Management Plan

A damaging corporate crisis seems to lurk around every corner, from stock market bubbles to ill-advised tweets. Or more recently, wildly...

Us and Them: Crossing the IT Divide

In the face of ongoing market uncertainty and changing customer demands, financial firms are being forced to accelerate their digital...

Customer Service Management and what your customers really care about

Lockdowns and economic uncertainty surrounding the Covid-19 pandemic have changed the way consumers approach finances. Job losses, pay cuts and...

Getting Started with ServiceNow: Part 2

Choosing the Right ServiceNow Partner Implementing an enterprise-wide platform like ServiceNow is complex. Projects involve multiple stakeholders...

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