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Upgrading to Quebec in Seven Easy Steps

It’s upgrade season at ServiceNow and all roads lead to Quebec. 

What’s New in ServiceNow Quebec?

In the race to digital transformation, all workflows lead to Quebec. That is, if you’re a ServiceNow customer ready to upgrade. Quebec is set for...

Serving customers in the era of remote work

Stay at home orders have helped to accelerate digital transformation projects within the finance sector – but they have also radically changed the...

Modernising the banking experience – don’t forget customer service

When challenger banks first emerged, their inherent agility and efficiency was both admired and feared by their incumbent competitors. For most it...

We Got Microsoft Teams! Now What?

The work landscape has changed dramatically as more people shift to working from home than ever before. People are searching for more productive...

Making a Difference - How ServiceNow Vaccine Management Impacts Your Patients

Good news!  The COVID Vaccine rollout has begun in earnest. Even so, many parts of the world face a slow deployment. Callers experience long hold...

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