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Knowledge 21 Recap

What a conference!  

Want to deliver a better CX? Bypass your agents’ brains

No matter how good your service agents are, customers will always demand more. At the top of their wish list – personalised service and faster...

ServiceNow Success Snapshots

In the race to digital transformation, IT leaders need solutions that deliver results almost immediately – with minimal disruption to operations....

We need to stop talking about CRM

For nearly twenty years businesses have been talking about CRM – Customer Relationship Management. Once viewed as the pinnacle of sales and...

Agile Management vs. Strategic Planning - The Great Balancing Act

Introduction  Organizations often struggle with balancing quickly responding to changing business requirements and available technologies and...

How Technology Supports Regulation and Compliance in the Pharma Sector

It’s easy to see why pharma is one of the most highly regulated industries. According to BMJ, more than 237 million medication errors are made in...

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