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How to Use CSM Data to Reach Strategic Telco Business Goals

While most businesses understand the importance of studying CX data (87 percent), “three-quarters report that they don’t have enough access to the...

Navigating the Crisis | Reimagine the New Normal

The workplace is changing. Prior to mid-March, only 1.3 percent of ZipRecruiter job postings offered work-from-home opportunities. It has since...

What to Know About ServiceNow’s Safe Workplace Apps

ServiceNow’s new Safe Workplace applications are available now to help organizations prepare their workforce and workplace to resume operations...

Your Company’s Survival Depends on Digital Transformation

Does anyone remember incremental improvements five years later? Will people talk about how hard they worked to make things operate a little...

Navigating the Crisis | Plan a Return to Scale

With 30 million people having filed for unemployment, businesses and individuals are in dire circumstances. But despite the difficulties many are...

Making an Effortless and Seamless Experience for Telco Customers

Bain & Company and MaritzCX recently surveyed 120,000 UK consumers to find out how likely they would be to recommend 190 different brands to their...

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